6 Benefits of drinking watermelon infused water on an empty stomach

Credits: Pexels

One of the best and most delicious summer fruits – watermelon is a treat for your taste buds and your body as well. No doubt, it contains a lot of seeds that might irritate you. But, do not avoid this healthy and tasty fruit just because of the seeds. We’ve got a solution. Infuse the watermelon pieces into water overnight and consume them the next morning. No hustle for seeds and the benefit is that complete nutrition comes to your body.

If it still isn’t enough to make you drink watermelon-infused water on an empty stomach, here are a few other benefits.

Weight loss

This fuss-free drink with infused watermelons is helpful in weight loss. The water content in the fruit helps in breaking the body fat and digesting the recently-consumed food faster. This way, the fats do not accumulate in your body and are released through excretory channels. Also, the water makes it easier for the waste to be removed from the body by catalyzing the process.



This infusion acts as detox water, cleaning the flow channels inside the body and removing the bad elements like cholesterol, fat, oil, harmful enzymes, toxins, etc. This drink is a great detoxifying agent and is refreshing for the hot season. Detoxification improves the health of the digestive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and also skin. Also, if you add elements like lemon to it, the detoxification factor rises manifold and the drink becomes more beneficial and healthier for the body.


It is very essential to stay hydrated during summer all day long. Sometimes, it is difficult to consume water on an hourly basis. So, if you are good at ignoring your water intake, this drink can be a savior. The properties of watermelon keep you hydrated for a longer time than normal water. It also keeps your throat moist, avoiding frequent thirst. So, grab a glass of watermelon-infused water to beat the heat and avoid dizziness.

Muscle repair

The fruit infused in this drink – watermelon – contains an amino acid which is called l-citrulline. This amino acid is effective in diminishing muscle soreness after intense exercise. That is why, watermelon-infused water is considered to be a good before, during, and after workout drink. It keeps you hydrated and helps restore energy in the body. Watermelon contains potassium that gets lost in sweat. So, this makes it one of the perfect go-to drinks after a workout.


Good for skin health

Since this is a detox drink, it removes the toxins from the body and helps in cleaning the bloodstream. With this, the skin becomes healthier, lighter, and glowing. Watermelon is one of the most delicious and refreshing summer fruits. It is good for skin health as it is loaded with Vitamin C that instantly adds radiance to your skin.

Boosts metabolism

Watermelon breaks down the food and releases all the essential nutrients into the body along with loads of liquid for better functioning of the body systems. This function of watermelon-infused water helps in preventing obesity and cardiovascular diseases. It boosts the metabolism in the body and is a good source of energy.

The beverage is easy-to-make

Watermelon-infused water is very easy to prepare with no special ingredients. It does not involve any expensive or hard-to-find stuff and is very quick. This is a no-cooking beverage with loads of benefits that is very refreshing and hydrating. This drink is very volatile in nature. For better taste and nutrition, you can add more elements to it like blueberry, rosemary, lemon, mint, strawberry, or pineapple.


Watermelon-infused water can be made more delicious and tempting by adding cantaloupe, honeydew, or a combo of melons. All you need to do is combine ice, watermelon slices, basil leaves, and regular water or sparkling water in the bottle or jar or your preferred container like a glass or carafe. Adding basil leaves enhances the flavor of the beverage and provides additional benefits and a refreshing taste like mint. Enjoy your healthy and refreshing summer drink without the worry of removing seeds from the pulp.

With such beverages, you can make hydration fun while you experiment with different fruits and secondary ingredients for taste and nutrition. The best part about such drinks is that the longer they rest, the better they taste. That is why it is often preferred to keep these infused overnight and consume them in the morning. Drinking plain water can be boring sometimes. In such times, drinks with infused fruits or leaves can be a great icebreaker.