6 Must-watch K-dramas about office romance

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Office romance, a handsome boss, and a bubbly co-worker, two opposites getting attracted, ring a bell? Well, these are the office romances that take our hearts away, and the Korean Drama industry does not fail to capture these emotions with perfection. From the constant bickering to falling in love, from getting on each other’s nerves to getting hitched, the journey and characters form a memorable bond with us. If you want to know the best office romance K dramas, look no further, for we have the perfect list for you.

What’s Wrong With 0Secretary Kim?

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? (Official Trailer)

A comedy-drama that has one of the highest ratings across platforms, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim follows an egoistic and self-centered boss getting involved with his secretary when situations and circumstances put them through the test of fate. Secretary Kim is timid and gets intimidated by her boss, but things change when their relationship gets romantic after nine years of being in the same office. If you like dramas that unfold slowly with well-built characters, it is for you. Starring Park-Seo-Joon in the role of Lee Young-joon (The boss) and Park Min Young as Secretary Kim, it becomes a family entertainer. Streaming on Netflix in multiple languages, it has 16 episodes, with each episode between 50 minutes and one hour.

Business Proposal:

Business Proposal | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who would not aspire to a boss who is young, handsome, and ambitious? Kang is the successor and youngest President of his grandfather’s business. Ha-ri works as a researcher in the same company and has aspirations to fulfill along with loans to pay. What happens when Ha-ri disguises and goes on a fake date with her boss? Why Ha-ri does it? For money or her best friend? Would he find out? Would she lose her job? Or will they hatch another plan? A blend of charisma, emotions, and comedy, this Kim Se Jeong(Ha-ri) and Ahn Hyo Seop(Kang) starrer is a show full of ‘meet-cutes’ and ‘aww’ from the start. From family bonding to long-lasting friendships, the love story also evolves. Streaming on Netflix in multiple languages, it has 12 episodes of over an hour each.

Crazy Love:

Crazy Love | Teaser Trailer #2 | Disney+ Singapore

A perfectionist can be irritating, but what if he is your boss who constantly keeps firing people, and the rest run away seeing his brash behavior? His secretary has survived a year without getting fired or resigning and secretly admires her boss’s brother when she finds out a truth that turns her life upside down, and who is to blame for it? Her boss and the stress he gives! From not taking tomatoes in his subway to throwing his coffee if not at an optimum temperature, he has landed her in something she can never turn away from. In a fight, he loses memory due to a head injury, and now this secretary fakes as a wife to avoid any more problems. A small lie, but what unfolds is a domino effect of problems and more. Starring Krystal Jung and Kim Jae Wook in lead roles, this show can be streamed on Hotstar with 16 episodes.


Start-Up | Main Trailer | Netflix

The above shows have bubbly female leads, but this show has a female protagonist who is swoon-worthy, ambitious, and hardworking with a pinch of attitude and sassiness to accompany her charm. She dreams of opening a virtual business that makes millions with the love of her life, an investor, and another partner on the team. The struggles, bond, and rapport soon bear fruits, but not without leaving any consequences. What starts as ambition turns into obsession and impacts her personal life, too. Will she save the romance? Will a love triangle emerge? Starring Kim Seon Ho, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Bae Suzy in lead roles, this 16-episode romance drama can be streamed on Netflix.

Forecasting Love and Weather:

Forecasting Love and Weather | Official Trailer | Netflix

Weather Forecasting is a difficult and challenging job. You have to be alert around the corner, and it requires a lot of responsibility. What if a group of young people who work here start forming relationships? What happens when a chirpy, charismatic, smart, free, outgoing, and extroverted coworker meets an introverted one? Can the team survive hardships that are going to come their way? The disturbances, the storms, and the rains, as well as the sunshine? The show has been loved because of the way in which the characters have been formed. Every character has been worked upon, and the chemistry is electrifying. It is a romantic comedy and got more attention because it involves the right kind of portrayal of professionalism along with a blend of jokes, as well as companionship, with the backdrop of the love story in the picture. The cast includes Song Kang as Lee Shi-woo and Park Min Young as Jin Ha Kyung in lead roles. Streaming on Netflix with 16 episodes, this drama has even been applauded by the Meteorological Association of South Korea.

Romance is a Bonus Book:

Romance is a Bonus Book | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Korean dramas capture uncertainties and real-life problems with a lot of reality as they present it to us in a way that we can reflect and ponder upon. What happens when a single mother, divorced, whose house is broken and demolished, has to find a job? Once a famous copywriter, she is now left with nothing and has to start from scratch. Here is where her lost best friend comes in. The youngest editor-in-chief and a bright writer from a famous publishing company as they cross paths, and they do not realize that his best friend is working under his own company. When they start meeting more often, he finds out that she has lied about her background just to work as a temporary copywriter to pay her bills. Will he fire her? Or will the love bloom? Lee Jong Suk plays the bright and calm Cha Eun Ho, and his best friend is played by Lee Na Young. To watch this friends-to-lovers story, head to Netflix and binge this 16-episode show right away.

With these shows on your list, you are in to experience a lot of cheesy coincidences and a punch of emotions.