6 Must-watch most haunted shows on Netflix

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A list you might wanna go through just once!

We don’t know how many of you need to hear this, but people who enjoy watching horror shows despite feeling like something’s crawling behind them, someone’s watching them, and feeling someone else’s presence are intangible to another level.

We might not understand the thrill of binge-watching horror shows, especially during the night, until our toes curl, but we have got the perfect list of 6 must-watch horror shows on Netflix for you!

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Dead doesn’t necessarily mean gone. Henry hires a young American nanny to look after his orphaned niece and nephew after an au pair’s death. However, after they settle in the manor, strange incidents start happening, and it’s definitely not the children getting under the skin.
Watch this series as the British manor brings you more than a tragic death and screams.


The Mist

Based on Stephen King’s novella, this series is SCARY, DARK, and OMINOUS. What happens when an entire village suffers collectively from a fog that doesn’t only harm them visually but hides nightmarish creatures? Watch the residents fight to try to keep it together, to hold onto their sanity.



Haunted and scary don’t always have to be shown, right? Real people sit together as they discuss their experiences with the haunted and dark past.

Hear it first hand as this series unfolds stories from perspectives and re-create the whole vision through re-enactments.

Haunted | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

School Tale The Series

Schools are supposed to be fun; it’s where we learn, except here, haunted roams the school’s hallways. Watch this series of compilations as they adapt the haunted from seasoned Thai directors.

School Tales The Series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Archive 81

Building a library of suspense, thriller, and nerve-wracking story, this series is mind-bending at its peak. Restoring damaged videotapes appears to be quite simple until an activist gets pulled into the vortex of horror with the missing director and a dangerous cult.

Watch this series as you get pulled into the pool of suspense.



Horror quits horror. Just when Emma Larsimon announces to quit writing horror, she pays a visit to her hometown. It is said that her work is mostly fiction, but then how much of it is fact?

Watch this series as you travel to her hometown, unfolding reasons why she left it in the first place.

Marianne | Main Trailer | Netflix