6 Myths about pregnancy one should never fall for

myths about pregnancy
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When it comes to pregnancy and motherhood, it’s easy to fall prey to the myths associated with them. From not going out, to eating something on a specific day, a lot of advice is thrown upon the to-be mother.

While some come from a place of concern and care, others are nothing but unnecessary advice meant to confuse the already anxious pregnant woman. Here we aim to bust a few myths associated with pregnancy that one should never believe:

myths about pregnancy

Myth 1: You should not exercise during pregnancy

Fact: Exercise is a good practice during pregnancy. It is beneficial for you and the baby as well. It keeps your body active, preventing lethargy. Doctors recommend not to do tough workouts during pregnancy. But, exercises like walking, jogging, and low-impact exercises do no harm. It is also good for your mental well-being as exercising releases stress and makes the body and mind fresh. Exercising well during pregnancy keeps you in shape. However, this should be done under expert supervision.

Myth 2: You should eat for two and gain kilos of weight

myths about pregnancy

Fact: Eating for two people during pregnancy does not make sense at all. Overeating during pregnancy can lead to maternal weight gain and child obesity. While gaining a certain amount of weight during pregnancy is common, gaining too much weight is not as normal as it sounds. It may cause obesity and also problems for the baby. Hence, mindful and healthy eating is the key.

Myth 3: You should not travel during pregnancy

Fact: Normally, it is okay to go for car trips or fly during pregnancy. Till you are 28 weeks pregnant, you can travel easily. Consult your doctor before you leave for the trip. Avoid traveling, especially flying, during the last weeks of pregnancy. While traveling, you should take some precautions for your health and comfort. For example, you should drink water regularly to stay hydrated.


Myth 4: You can prevent stretch marks with creams and serums

Fact: Stretch marks – the genetic make-up cannot be avoided with any cream or serum. Although there are creams that fade the marks slowly, but not prevent them. Using a moisturizer during pregnancy can help the skin get healthy. It keeps the skin elastic and soft. Some creams containing cocoa butter or shea butter can help to minimize stretch marks.

Myth 5: You cannot have sex when you are pregnant

Fact: This is one of the most commonly believed myths and one can confirm the same from a doctor. There is no evidence that talks about sex being harmful during pregnancy. It’s safe to have sex and orgasms during pregnancy because your baby is floating in a pool of liquid that’s surrounded by the thick muscle wall of your uterus. So, don’t hesitate in getting intimate with your partner.

Myth 6: Dyeing hair is a big no-no


The dyes contain low levels of chemicals. So, they are thought to be safe. You can consult your doctor or a dermatologist for the same. Getting a non-permanent vegetable dye done during the first few weeks of pregnancy is not harmful. The hairdresser should wear gloves and the dye should be done in a well-ventilated place.