6 New shows to watch on Netflix this weekend

One Piece Season 2 Renewal Update: Will there be another season?
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Finally, the weekend is here! A full day for ourselves to sleep, go out, or just binge-watch a show. But ignore the indecisiveness of watching something new or the call of an old comfort watch list.

So, look no further for we have compiled a list of 6 new Netflix shows to watch this weekend that will make your weekend pass easily. You can pick and choose between your favorite genre and delve back into the world of fiction.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

Jujutsu Kaisen is an action-packed horror anime series that focuses on Jujutsu Sorcerer students who are training to eliminate creatures with cursed energy. After the massive success of Season 1 in October 2022 and the film, Jujutsu Kaisen, the characters are back in Season 2 but this time with a more intense story.

jujutsu kaisen netflix weekend

Directed by Shōta Goshozono, this season will follow Gojo Satoru and Geto Suguru back to their High School days and reveal the story behind their enmity. In the later part of the season, the most awaited Shibuya Arc has been adapted to show. The series started airing In July 2023 and currently, 10 episodes are out. The 11th episode will air on October 6, 2023.

Sex Education Season 4

Sex Education is a beloved comedy-drama series that follows the lives of teenagers Otis Milburn, Maeve Wiley, and Lily Iglehart. This British TV show has intelligent humor, educational messages, and the relatable ups and downs of a teenager’s life.

sex education netflix

Created by Laurie Nunn, the fourth season starts with Maeve, who is in the US to study creative writing. The professor she is studying under is attractive but domineering. Meanwhile, she is trying to continue her long-distance relationship with Otis. Back in Britain, in his new college, Otis tries to re-open his sex-ed clinic but hits a railroad in the form of O, Cavendish College’s popular sex therapist.

One Piece Season 1

One Piece Television broke the internet with all its manga and anime fans pouring love for this live-action adaptation by Netflix. It’s highly recommended by both fans and critics for its story, performances, and visual effects.

one piece netflix weekend

The story of One Piece follows a group of Straw Hat Pirates who are looking for a treasure called ‘One Piece’ by going on adventurous trips to dangerous places. Money D. Luffy, the protagonist is the ‘King of the Pirates’. The series has themes of friendship, courage, and achieving one’s dreams.

Virgin River Season 5

If you love small-town dramas with bucketfuls of romance on the side, Virgin River is a must-watch on the list of 6 New Netflix shows to watch this weekend. Season 5 is split into two parts, where the first came out on Netflix in September and the second will be out in November.

virgin river netflix

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new season of this nail-biting drama series based on Robyn Carr’s novel by the same name. Virgin River is set in the gorgeous scenic mountains of Northern California, where our protagonist, Mel Monroe moves to take up the role of midwife and nurse practitioner. But slowly, the secrets of a small town start to come out and it’s not as simple as it looks.

Disenchantment Part 5

By the creators of Simpsons, Netflix brings the animated fantasy sitcom, Disenchantment. This satirical series released its 5th part, which can be counted as its 3rd season on September 1, 2023.

disenchantment netflix weekend

The show has quirky characters and follows the story of a rebellious princess, Bean, and her two sidekicks Luci and Elfo. Catch this series on Netflix if you like rude comedy, non-stereotypical characters, and world-building dramas.

Miseducation Season 1

A South African drama, Miseducation is a coming-of-age drama comedy. It stars Buntu Petse as Mbali Hadebe, the protagonist of Miseducation who is an influencer. Following a police raid at her house, she is canceled by everyone and publicly humiliated.

miseducation netflix

After swallowing the bitter situation, Mbali decides to start anew and is admitted to a small-town college but only further drama awaits her. This teenage drama is full of comedy, heartwarming moments, and good messages about hard work. Mbali has an explorative character arc where at first she is vain and entitled but after falling from the top, she is still determined to climb back up.