6 New shows to watch on Netflix this weekend

one piece
Credits: NETFLIX

Your weekend wrap-up is here with some new shows to binge-watch on!

Netflix has been filling our hearts with joy with its original series, reboots, and bringing back classics for the viewers. Coming up this week, Netflix is bringing in something new. With varying genres and formatted styles, starting from thrillers to reality TV series and docuseries, Netflix is going to stream some fresh new series to binge-watch this weekend, and we have listed 6 new shows from all of them.

One Piece


An alternate version of Earth, and one that amid the ‘Golden Age of Pirates.’ There’s a cut-throat league of pirates that rule the seas, and only the strongest among them can claim the treasure, known as ‘One Piece’ left behind by the greatest pirate of them all, Gold Roger. Monkey D. Luffy has dreams of raising his own crew and declaring himself as Pirate King.

Watch this representation of manga as Luffy goes on an epic voyage for treasure in this live-action filled with action, adventure, and fantasy!

Who Is Erin Carter?


Erin Carter is a British teacher in Spain. That’s not all. She finds herself caught up in a supermarket robbery, and when one of the robbers recognizes her, her entire life threatens to be uncovered in layers.

Watch this suspense drama as she fights to clear her name and protect her family along with her violent past! This series is specifically a limited watch on Netflix.

King The Land


Amid an intense fight for inheritance, the heir takes over the company and is everything one could wish for: charming, charismatic, and diligent. He gets in knots with one of the employees, known for her shining smile, but is warned not to. What happens when the new CEO and the employee come closer? Does she make him smile as well?

Watch this Sweet Love Romance to know!

Mask Girl


An office employee, insecure about her looks, becomes a masked internet sensation by night until it doesn’t. A series of ill-fated events take over her life.

Watch this suspenseful K-drama that unfolds the mystery and, eventually, the mask!

Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins


A skilled and competitive biker is visited by her long-lost twin sister. She takes her identity to bring her sister’s killers to justice and get the truth behind their separation.

Did she find out the truth? Watch what happens next in this Colombian drama!



It is time to show the root causes and consequences of 21st-century America’s opioid epidemic. Purdue turned OxyContin into a million-dollar business, claiming its long-lasting effect to be safer for use with its formulation and a fully functioning marketing campaign. Even if it’s prescribed, Oxy proved to be highly addictive, and this drama follows through its perpetrators, victims, and doctors seeking the truth.

Watch this provocative, mind-bending series that is specifically a limited watch on Netflix!