6 Post-pregnancy feelings every new mother should know about

post-pregnancy feelings
Credits: Pexels

While everyone has advice on what to expect throughout pregnancy, there is not enough assistance to prepare expectant mothers for the emotional upheaval that follows post-birth. First-time pregnant women should make themselves prepare for the unexpected roller coaster ride that they are about to experience post-pregnancy.

Here are a few emotions that you may face following childbirth. And believe us, they are entirely worth being known.

Feeling sad

ALONE TIME 1It doesn’t mean you are not happy with the newborn’s arrival. It’s just that you have become extra emotional due to the hormonal changes. Little things that you are unable to do at the beginning, like not being able to change diapers, how to stop a crying baby, or even when you are not getting time for yourself, you feel sad and end up crying. However, it’s important to seek immediate help if you’re experiencing severe mood or anxiety symptoms, along with symptoms like feeling hopeless, despondent, motivation loss, unsettling thoughts, or suicidal thoughts.


mother baby 2You must have often heard that a women’s life completely changes once she becomes a mother because it is a relationship that brings a completely new person within you. Many moms have an overpowering sense of terror in the early days of motherhood, which can range from simple worries to more complicated ones. You will fear staying alone with the newborn, thinking you can make a mistake. Everything you do will be out of fear of not making any possible mistakes.  This feeling of fear can make you feel irritated at a certain point. So, make sure to be confident and trust yourself.


myths about pregnancy weight loss 7Just as your negative emotions, your positive ones are heightened after birth, and this tremendous joy frequently enters the picture, giving you the impression of occasionally experiencing extraordinary overwhelm.


7 Reasons you are angry all the time 2It’s acceptable to experience some rage in the days following giving birth. When you have to deal with new things which you were not ready for, it’s obvious to have the feeling of irritation and anger. It’s okay to feel angry, whether it’s at yourself for not understanding the first thing about nursing or at the entire world for not knowing how to stop your kid from wailing. That woman who considers themselves a perfectionist tends to get this feeling more likely.  However, if a woman faces too much anger and mood swing issue which is unbearable for others, this may be a sign of postpartum depression.


It is a very common feeling after giving birth. You can experience intense emotional impact from everyone and everything. You might cry while watching the news and feel profound grief for strangers. Your emotions are all over the place, and you might be acting on a need to nurture everything.

Doubting your choice to get pregnant

pregnancy 2Not many mothers will accept this fact, but once in a while, they must have had this thought, was it a good decision to plan pregnancy at this stage? Having doubts about your ability to parent or whether you should have ever had children are very normal.

Being a mother is a worldly feeling. Though, in the beginning, you may face lots of hurdles and finds it tough to cope with them but eventually, once stepping into the shoes, you will get the idea of what exactly to do and what is best for the child.