6 Reasons to drink kiwi and cucumber infused water in the morning

Source: Pexels

It’s a no-brainer that we are engaged in our hectic lifestyle with unhealthy eating habits, and therefore it’s time for a detox drink to bring the body functioning in place. While they are several common fruits-infused drinks that one can try and indulge them as a daily habit, we have come up with an easy-to-make and super healthy detox drink that is not only nutritious but also healthy at the same time. Cucumber is well known for freshness and detoxification as it is also used in skincare. And kiwi is nothing less than a super immunity booster.

Let us check out the benefits of kiwi and cucumber-infused water.

Good for skin

Kiwi and cucumber-infused water deliver inflammation-fighting Vitamin C into the body along with caffeic acid that rejuvenates your skin and gives a healthy body complexion. It also helps in improving the appearance of large pores, making your skin glow. A person with dull and dry skin must add this kiwi and cucumber-infused water to their daily drinking routine for its cool and hydrating properties. It will also reduce the signs of aging.

Hydrates body


Both kiwis and cucumbers are highly hydrating components of the diet. Cucumbers are said to be the most hydrating vegetables on earth due to their very high moisture content, while kiwis are said to be 90% water. When we combine and infuse these ingredients in water, they’ll pass on hydrating properties to the water, also making the water tasty and appealing. Cucumber is said to hydrate a body twice as effectively as a glass of water. So, what’s your say on this?

Flushes out toxins

The fiber content of kiwi flushes out the toxins from the intestinal tract by binding them. Cucumber is said to have similar cleansing properties. Hence, kiwi and cucumber-infused water can help as it flushes out the toxins and cleanses your gut, thus preventing any digestive issues. Consuming a glass of this detox water can help in maintaining a healthy gut throughout the day.

Treats acne


Kiwi and cucumber-infused water has anti-inflammatory properties that can fight and clear acne. It has the ability to cure skin irritation. This infused water can heal the skin as it contains essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the skin. Many skin problems occur due to the deficiency of such nutrients in the body. Hence, consuming kiwi and cucumber-infused water regularly can help in maintaining healthy and acne-free skin.

Full of nutrients

Kiwi and cucumber-infused water is highly rich in essential vitamins and minerals. It contains a good amount of carbs to satisfy a major part of the body’s needs. Along with this, it contains numerous vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E. If we check the mineral content of this detox water, it has calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, folate, and manganese. All of these are essential for the body’s smooth functioning.

Good source of fiber


Kiwi and cucumber-infused water is high in dietary fibers that assist in maintaining a healthy digestive cycle in the body. If the body gets a regular dose of fiber through meals, it can prevent many other possible ailments. Kiwi and cucumber-infused water is a high-fiber drink that can normalize bowel movements, lower cholesterol levels, control the level of blood sugar and help in achieving a healthy body weight. All these benefits prove the importance of fiber in the diet.

To make this cool and refreshing drink, all you need to do is take some slices of cucumber and a few pieces of kiwi. To make this drink more refreshing and nutritious, you can add pieces of lime, and a few mint leaves to it. Additional ingredients like mint leaves add more flavor and aroma to the drink. Also, mint helps in proper digestion and is a quick remedy for nausea and headache. Mint also helps in managing depression and fatigue. Since mint has germicidal properties, it also improves oral hygiene and freshens breath.