6 Risks of drinking chilled water on an empty stomach

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We are all aware of how crucial it is to consume enough water to stay hydrated. A minimum of eight glasses of water is said to be mandatory in order to keep yourself fit. Also, while drinking, we should be assured that the water is absolutely pure and not contaminated. However, did you know your health might also get impacted based on the water’s temperature? The majority of us immediately sip on a glass of ice-cold water, especially during summertime; we get instant relief and satisfaction from the long-awaited thirst. Many of us, however, are unaware that consuming extremely chilled water can be more harmful than beneficial.

Disrupt digestion

constipation 3Chilled water plays a crucial role in disrupting your digestive system. Because it negatively affects your digestion, ice-cold water should be avoided for a variety of reasons. Cold beverages, including chilled water, hinder digestion by constricting the blood vessels, it also hampers the absorption of nutrients through the natural process during digestion. When you ingest something with a very low temperature, your body has to expend more energy to maintain the proper body temperature.


The digestive process requires water to be consumed at room temperature; however, drinking ice-cold water, especially in the morning, might cause constipation. The meal freezes and hardens when it passes through the body when you drink chilled water, which is the cause of constipation. One of the main reasons for constipation is the contraction of the intestines, which occurs if you consume extremely cold water.

Causes stomachache

diahrea 4After a tough workout, drinking extremely chilled water should be avoided. Drinking ice-cooled water after working out is a common error, particularly during the summer. That is the reason your gym instructor might advise you to consume normal or lukewarm water after heavy workouts. When you exercise, your body produces a lot of heat. Your intestinal health suffers as a result of the temperature mismatch caused by drinking chilled water. After an exercise, your body finds it challenging to absorb cold water. Drinking cold water immediately following an exercise may cause chronic stomach aches.

Hardens body fat

The process by which your body breaks down fats is also hampered if you quickly consume chilled water after eating. The excess body fat becomes hard to break down since the cold temperature of water hardens fats from the diet. Even regular water is said to be consumed after a small interval of taking a meal, so you can understand how chilled water can react if you intake it soon after your meal.

Heart rate might decrease

heartWater that is extremely chilled should not be consumed since it lowers heart rate. Sipping ice-crusher or ice-chilled water lowers heart rate and rouses nerves that regulate the body’s involuntary processes. The heart rate is affected and might slow down because the low water temperature directly affects the nerve.

Sore throat

This is the most common cause of drinking chilled water. Almost every one of us is aware that drinking ice-cold water effects are throat and also causes mucus. Still, we don’t avoid it. A sore throat can become very severe sometimes, which makes it hard to swallow any food. So, in order to stay healthy, we should avoid chilled water, no matter what season it is.