6 Shows to watch if you liked Bridgerton

shows like bridgerton you must watch
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Bridgerton has taken the OTT world by storm. From a fantastic finale to the tear-jerker moments throughout the series, there’s no way one can stop talking about the hit show.

However, now that Season 2 is finally over, of course, you are not over it yet, you want something just as exciting to binge-watch. While it might be hard for any other show to live up to your expectations if you are a die-hard Bridgerton fan but here are some options that might not disappoint you too much.

And if all things regal and royal is what you need, then you must definitely check out these shows:

The Crown

The Crown | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Crown is a 2016 Netflix drama inspired by the reign of Queen Elizabeth ll. It focuses on her early years of marriage to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, her political rivalries, romances, and social life as the Queen of England. The Crown is a take on how British historical developments were going on in the context of the Royal family. It explores the major historical events through the imperial lens and documents the social and political life of Queen Elizabeth. The show is critically acclaimed and gathered huge viewership all over the world. It has 4 seasons as of now. You can catch the series on Netflix.

Downton Abbey

How It All Began | Downton Abbey | Season 1

Downton Abbey is another such show that you would have probably heard about. It’s a British TV show, a historical drama based in a fictional town called Downton Abbey. The show revolves around the Crawleys’ who are members of the aristocratic society in Britain, around the early 20th century. The show is set around some of the remarkable events of historical significance like the sinking of the Titanic, World War 1, the Irish war for independence, and so on. The show depicts the lives of the members of the Crawley family and their servants. The show has received several Primetime Emmy Awards, SAG awards, and Golden Globes. It has 6 seasons. You can watch Downton Abbey on Netflix.


Victoria: Official Trailer

Another British TV gem is Victoria, which came in 2016 and ran till 2019. The show portrays the story of Queen Victoria from the very young age of 18 and how she maintains and balances the power she has been endowed with. It also captures her romance with Prince Albert. The series stars Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria and Tom Hughes as Prince Albert. The show has three seasons and all are available on Amazon Prime for the US audience.


OUTLANDER - Season 1 Trailer

Outlander is a historical drama based on two time periods simultaneously. The story is a bit unexpected as Claire Randall, played by Caitriona Balfe, who is a nurse in 1945, gets transported to the year 1743 under mysterious circumstances. The new time period puts her life in danger as she does not have much liberty and freedom. To counter that she marries a warrior. The series is based on the book named “Outlander”, written by Diana Gabaldon. The show has 6 seasons and is available on Netflix.


Reign Full Trailer - Season 1 Preview!

Speaking of history, it will be unfair to not mention the powerful tale of a queen. This Warner brothers and CBS show called Reign is set in France around the year 1557. It’s a story about the queen of Scots Mary Stuart, who exercises her power and performs her duties as a Queen. Reign explores the gender perspective of history and portrays the characters as powerful women. It also focuses on women freely expressing and practicing their sexuality as the theme of the show puts women at the center. The show is made by Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie SenGupta and stars Adelaide Kane as the Queen Mary, and is available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Great

The Great Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

It’s time to lighten up and watch a bit humorous and satirical historical show. It tracks the progression of Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia. It is set in 17th century Russia and focuses on Catherine, who is married to the Russian Emperor Peter lll. However, her marriage soon turns out to be an unfortunate one as Catherine and the Emperor are way too different from each other. The show stars Elle Fanning as Catherine and Nicholas Hoult as Peter. It has two seasons which are available on Hulu.