6 Side effects of drinking too much matcha tea

6 Side effects of drinking too much matcha tea

A variety of green tea with Japanese roots is called matcha tea. To make a frothy beverage, the leaves are powdered and then tossed with hot water. It is high in antioxidants and offers a number of health advantages, including better cardiovascular health, weight loss, and lower levels of stress. The flavor of this Japanese tea is distinctive and could take some getting used to. It is frequently described as having an aftertaste that is slightly bitter and earthy or grassy.

Before you begin consuming matcha tea on a regular basis, you should be aware of certain potential negative effects because everything has them. These are some alarming matcha tea side effects that you should be aware of. 

It may lead to gastrointestinal problems

6 Side effects of drinking too much matcha tea

Matcha tea contains a lot of fiber, which is good for your digestive system. A high-fiber diet, on the other hand, might actually cause digestive problems like gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

It’s better to start out cautiously and gradually increase your intake of high-fiber meals or matcha tea if you’re not used to doing so. Your body will be able to acclimatize and any unpleasant side effects will be avoided.

It is caffeinated

Caffeine, a stimulant included in matcha tea can cause insomnia and raise your heart rate. Caffeine can have negative effects on your body, such as insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety, if you’re sensitive to it or take too much of it.

The amino acid L-theanine, which can counteract some of the harmful effects of caffeine, is another component of matcha tea that should be noted. Nonetheless, it’s better to restrict your intake or stay away from matcha tea entirely if you’re still worried about the possible negative effects of caffeine.

There might be an allergic reaction

6 Side effects of drinking too much matcha tea

Some people may develop an allergy to matcha tea. Spots, itching, and swelling are the most typical signs and symptoms. Avoid it completely if you are allergic to matcha tea or have additional food allergies. See a doctor right away if you accidentally consume it and experience a serious response.

When pregnant, it is best to stay away from it

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Caffeine and other substances included in matcha tea have the potential to enter the placenta and influence a fetus’s growth. Consequently, it is advised to avoid matcha tea or consult your gynecologist before ingesting it if you are pregnant or attempting to get pregnant.

It can result in acne flare-ups

Compared to conventional green tea, matcha contains higher caffeine. The reason for this is that while brewing, the entire leaf is used. Hence, compared to multiple cups of normal green tea, a single serving of matcha may provide you with more caffeine. Some people can see an increase in acne as a result of that. The reason for this is that some people’s acne has been linked to caffeine.

It might cause dehydration

6 Side effects of drinking too much matcha tea

Due to the fact that caffeine is a diuretic, it causes you to urinate more frequently. It could imply that you lose more urine than normal, which could result in dehydration and the thirsty sensation that follows.

It can be much more pronounced if you’re not drinking enough water. Matcha may otherwise result in you becoming dehydrated rather than properly hydrated. Therefore, it’s very vital to increase your water intake.

It’s also important to keep in mind that different people react to caffeine in different ways. It could be preferable to start by consuming a small amount of matcha at first and gradually increase your tolerance if you don’t have much experience with caffeine-containing items.