6 Signs you are not over your ex

Signs you are not over your ex
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Breaking up and moving on are some of the toughest tasks a person has to do in their life. Moving on from somebody when you cared about them and even loved them, at some point in your life, takes a lot of effort and even hard work. You might be in a new relationship but are still not over your ex, and this could be traumatizing for both you and your new partner.

So, it is always good to be clear with yourself about your own feelings. Why not check it out? Here are some signs that suggest you are still not over your ex.

1. You keep on stalking their social media

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Having a small check on the social media of your ex, be it Instagram, Facebook, or even Snapchat, is normal. But if you find yourself monitoring each and every move of your ex, from whom they are hanging out with to what are they currently doing, is what we call stalking, and we say is a sign that you just don’t want to cut that last thread that connects you with your ex and that you are still obsessed with them.

2. You try to meet them accidentally

Do you find yourself setting up those accidental run-ins with your ex? Do you find yourself showing up at those places your mind already knew that your ex would be present? Well, this is a very clear sign that you’re putting a lot of effort into all this and are definitely not over your ex.

3. You are always on the brink of texting them

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If you find yourself having that constant urge to either text or call your ex when you want to share something or when you don’t even want to or when you are drunk, or even when you are not, then this is a very clear sign that you still have that urge of talking to them no matter what and are still not over them.

4. You still get a rush when you see them

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These moments might be rare, but they are still there when you actually accidentally run into your ex and have that instant rush inside you. All those memories, all those moments spent together, and many more things just hit you back, and you are left flabbergasted. This instant rush is felt both emotionally as well as physically, and you may literally feel your knees shaking in front of them. This is a sign that they still have that hold over you, and you are not over them.

5. You always make way to mention them in all conversations

Signs you are not over your ex

You finding all those little ways of bringing up your ex in almost all your conversations; even the conversations you have with the person you are currently dating is a sign that you are still thinking about them, and, therefore, you just can’t stop yourself from talking about them. This is also a very obvious sign of you not being over your ex.

6. You compare your current with your ex

First of all, you are not at all okay with dating somebody, but even if you do become okay with it, you find yourself constantly comparing your date with your ex, from the shoes they wear to the way they pour water for you. Nobody is able to live up to your standards the way your ex did, no matter how good the person is. Well, this is another obvious sign that you are still not over your ex.