6 Signs you are trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship

Emotional Abuse
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Emotional abuse – a term that is common in most relationships but the most difficult to figure out. The reason behind the same is simple – you are blind in love! As harsh as it sounds, getting emotionally abused in a relationship is serious. However, it is hardly talked about as we tend to concentrate more on tackling the issues of physical abuse. Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse is invisible and hard to recognize. We often tend to ignore a few of its signs, of course, unintentionally.

However, if we can’t tackle emotional abuse at an early stage, it will become a brunt for us later. In fact, it can also lead to serious issues like trauma, depression, or anxiety. So, it is high time you identify the red flags in your relationship and get ready to come out if it signifies emotional abuse.

Here are 6 important signs that you are suffering from emotional abuse. We have also mentioned a few ways to come out of it if you are a victim.

signs you are trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship

Sign 1 – Your partner keeps a check on you

Is your partner constantly keeping a tab on you? That signifies a major lack of trust, which is also a kind of emotional abuse. If your partner tries to control your whereabouts, he’s impinging your freedom. Just know one thing that everybody enjoys their independence and so do you. Make sure to clear to your partner too!

Sign 2 – Isolation from family members

signs you are trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship

If your partner is someone who restricts you from meeting or connecting with your family members, then there is something wrong. He may give you a plethora of reasons for doing so. But remember that it is nothing but emotional abuse. Do not remove yourself from your social circle just because your partner wants to.

Sign 3 – Perennially angry?

signs you are trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship

Does your partner get angry often? If yes, it might be giving you panic attacks too! Yes, it is emotional abuse, and it is not good for your mental state. You may often get scared to do things because your partner may get angry. Ask him to stop overreacting and make it clear that it affects your mental peace.

Sign 4 – Forcing to apologize

There are instances when you may be wrong. But if it happens every time your partner blames you for everything, then yes, you are being emotionally abused. Dignity and self-respect matter to everyone. It should do the same for you. Never be sorry for mistakes you haven’t committed.

Sign 5 – That ex-talk

signs you are trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship

It is okay to feel emotional when talking about past relationships. However, if he keeps talking about his ex-partner even after having claimed of forgetting her, we are sorry you are emotionally hurt. It’s high time you consider telling him that you are not comfortable with that ex-talk.

Sign 6 – If there is no respect

Relationships are all about loving and respecting each other’s feelings. So, there should not be any place for adjustment if your partner does not respect you. Calling you names during an argument or threatening to leave is a sign of emotional abuse. It is high time you talk about the same to your partner and make it clear that you deserve some respect.