6 Signs you have lost interest in your relationship

Credits: Pexels

Not every love story has a happy ending, and not every relationship is meant to be forever. And there is nothing to feel bad about if you both took the time to find out you are not compatible with each other. So how can you figure out that your relationship is losing spark, and you are stuck in a relationship with no more interest?

Everything happens for the best, and that is a proven theory. You must realize that sometimes it’s for the best when relationships terminate. And despite how painful it may be, you must learn from it and go on. It is better to end something as soon as you realize it, as stretching a relationship will only cost your time.

Sometimes a relationship ends because of constant conflict. It is obviously time to stop when this occurs. But in many relationships, it just feels stale, and things become monotonous. You begin to feel as though everything has become normal, and the relationship doesn’t seem to be progressing. You simply feel exhausted. So, here are certain signs which will make it 100% clear that you are no longer interested in your partner.

Considering a date as duty

fightingWhen you love a person, you take out time for them from your busy schedule. You have that spark and excitement whenever you are supposed to meet. Your enthusiasm reflects on your face. Even after a hectic long-hour office shift or long college lectures, you feel delighted and energetic about the date. But when you don’t feel any of the above excitement, then it’s time to move on for the best. Spending time with your partner should not be considered a relationship duty or a chore that you just need to do as a burden.

Getting annoyed

depression 2If the same thing which you considered cute and loving in your partner suddenly starts to irritate you, then this is a sign of losing interest. Also, if his or her behavior towards you is always controlling, which affects your mental health, then it’s also time for you to reconsider this relationship.

Fights over petty issues

angryConstant disagreements, however, are a terrible indicator, and if you tend to start them most often, there is obviously a deeper issue at play that is driving you crazy. Fighting in serious issues is considered okay, but if it is happening on a regular basis, then maybe you are picking up fights purposely, so it’s better to have closure before it gets more toxic.

No feeling of intimacy

intimacyIf you don’t feel the butterflies in your stomach when he or she touches you or holds you, then probably there is no intimacy left. If the thoughts of kisses and hugs don’t make you smile or you simply don’t have the urge to meet again for those small intimate moments then you have lost your interest.

Wandering eyes

wandering eyesIf you get attracted to your opposite sex and fantasize about someone else while being in a relationship, it is an indication that you want a change.

Ignores texts and calls

text 1

Even if you are doing nothing important, still you don’t feel like picking up their calls or responding to your partner’s text immediately, Instead, you simply disregard it. After several hours have passed, you fail even to remember to reply to their text. It also seems like a bother to even call them back if they call.