6 Signs your relationship is falling apart

Signs your relationship is falling apart 1
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Having a healthy and loving relationship might seem quite common to you. But this is not the case with everyone. Not everyone is backed by luck in their love life. There are times when you might be facing issues in your relationship, but you are not sure if your relationship is intact and it’s just a phase or if it’s starting to fall apart. This feeling might leave you in a dilemma like no other, and you would be left unfocused and under the grip of anxiety all the time.

So, to solve your confusion, here are some signs that your relationship is falling apart.

1. You are not paying attention to each other

The honeymoon stage of your relationship may be over but did you really expect things to change this much? Did you expect your partner to be totally over you and not give you even the smallest part of their attention? They not at all being concerned about you, and paying you zero attention is a very clear sign that your relationship is starting to fall apart and may even end soon. 

2. There’s a communication gap

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Good communication has always been one of the most fundamental aspects of a healthy relationship. And this may also be true that your communication with your partner is not that good at the start, but things can still work out if you are both ready to put in your efforts. If that’s not the case and you are not able to communicate with your partner and are not even trying to do so, know that your relationship is falling apart, and this is very evident.

3. Secrets have seeped in

Do you feel like secrets are creeping into your relationship? Do you have that never-ending suspicion or that gut feeling that some things are being hidden from you in your relationship? Well, then it is a sign of dishonesty and that your relationship is falling apart.

4. Your physical intimacy is being affected

Signs your relationship is falling apart

No matter how much you don’t believe that physical intimacy is not important in a relationship, you can’t ignore the way it cements your relationship. Therefore, if lately, you’ve felt that you don’t have that passion left in your sex life or are not able to enjoy it anymore, it is a sign that your relationship is falling apart. 

5. You’ve started hesitating in being open about yourself

Able to be your own self in front of your partner is so important for a relationship to prosper. So, if you feel that you are not able to be the person you are and have to fake a lot of things to maintain that image in your partner’s mind, your relationship is clearly falling apart. This relationship lacks a sense of comfort and openness and will soon just fall apart.

6. You no longer want to spend time together

Signs your relationship is falling apart

Do you remember the time you had those butterflies whenever you thought about meeting your partner, having that movie night together, or even when you went on shopping together? Don’t you feel the same anymore? Do you find you or your partner making no efforts to catch up, or even when you do make those plans, you feel that the spark you once had is missing? If that is really the case, you should realize that your relationship may be falling apart and needs work to be done if you want it to last.