6 Subtle signs that your crush likes you back

signs that your crush likes you back
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Do you find yourself blushing when they compliment you even on little things? Or do you get those butterflies whenever they are around you? If yes, then you are totally falling for your crush. Now, the question is do they like you back? Because frankly speaking, it is important to know when you are investing so much time and effort into them, if they feel the same or not.

We know you have been waiting for these signs. Scroll down to know the signs if your crush likes you back or not:

1. They get nervous and anxious around you

signs that your crush likes you back

We don’t need to tell you this, we all know how out-of-the-ordinary we act when we’re near our crush. If your crush also becomes nervous around you or if you notice a change in their body language, they likely have the same feelings for you.

2. They make efforts to be there for you

If they are showing keen interest in knowing you like they want to know your favorite cuisine or movies, your favorite music albums, and your childhood memories, they are trying to know you better and yes, it’s possible that they see you more than just a friend.

3. They are interested in your future plans

signs that your crush likes you back

They want to know about what you are planning for your future or what your goals and aspirations are. These future plans can range from career aspirations to marriage or family plans. If your crush likes you back, they will try to do everything possible to get to know you better.

4. They are always available for you

Whenever you call or text them, they respond to them immediately, it’s a sign that they like you too and they also like spending time with you. If they are quick to respond to any calls or messages, this eagerness means they’re totally into you.

5. They are often very possessive and jealous

signs that your crush likes you back

When someone else flirts with you or when you flirt with someone else, your crush will feel jealous if they like you back. These signs of jealousy can be anything like a simple change in body language or expressions or them constantly telling you why this person is not perfect for you. If they’re so invested in your dating life, maybe, just maybe they want to be a part of it.

6. Their conversations are mostly about you

If your crush likes you, they will talk about you a lot to their friends or your mutual friends. When we like someone, they become very interesting to us, we like talking about them all the time so, keep your ears open whenever you are with your mutual friends to know if he/she is talking about you.

signs that your crush likes you back

This feeling of happiness can’t be explained in words when you like someone and find out that they like you back! When you come to know that they are as restless as you are about telling them that you are in love with them, you have two options, wait for your crush to confirm the hints or be a warrior and confess your feelings to them. We would suggest the latter one as sometimes we may never get a second chance to express ourselves.