6 Things to consider before breaking up with your partner

Things to consider before breaking up with your partner
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If you have ever been in a long-term or committed relationship you would be knowing that there is no such relationship that doesn’t face problems, but what you need to know is that these fights are not the end of it all. 

These small fights and issues are some things that make your relationships even stronger. So, instead of just abruptly ending up things with your partner over petty issues you should consider many different things. Here is a list of some things you should consider before breaking up with your partner.

1. Do you still feel for them?

The foremost question to ask yourself when you have the urge to break up with your partner is do you still have feelings for them? Do you still love them? Well, love doesn’t happen easily so if that is the case with you then why are you running away from that relationship? Why are you not willing to give it a second chance? Your love is really worth giving your relationship another shot.

2. How much do you still trust them?

Things to consider before breaking up with your partner

Trust is a key element of any relationship and if you and your partner still trust each other then why not think logically and solve that petty fight of yours and gather the courage to give your relationship one more shot. If you let this relationship with the person you still trust go into a rut you would have to start everything else with someone else from zero.

3. Do you really need to break up or just pause in the relationship?

The fight with your partner could sometimes be really vulnerable and you may feel the urge to just break up with them, but this actually is the time when you have to pause and think if the breakup is really what you want or all you want is to pause for a while. If that’s the case, took some time off, pause and think for a while until things are sorted again.

4. Do think about the core values that you guys share?

things to consider before breaking up with your partner

You and your partner might have had a very big fight and are not ready to see each other for a while because of your anger and may even be considering the option of a breakup, but stop for a while and think about the positives you people shared, the core values you people shared is that all worth leaving for some fight?

5. Are you willing to forgive them?

things to consider before breaking up with your partner

Your willingness to forgive your partner is also something you need to consider before taking the big leap. Are you willing to forgive them for what they did? Will you be able to live with what they did? If that is your case then why let such a sweet relationship die.

6. Is your communication dead?

Did you guys just had a quarrel or this fight of yours was a big deal and was caused because of some serious problem in your relationship? Do you guys still share that communicative bond or is there a communication barrier developing between you two? If you guys are not able to communicate clearly after whatever happened it may be a sign that you move on from it.