6 Things you shouldn’t discuss on your first date

6 Things you shouldn't discuss on a first date
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A first date is a unique experience in itself. Whether it is your first time or you have done it a couple of times, going on a first date is nerve-wracking. Everything is uncertain with plenty of questions plaguing the mind. Not to mention the untimely nervous sweats that tend to ruin a carefully picked-out outfit.

People going on a first date worry about the dress they are going to wear to determine whether the hairstyle is appropriate for the setting and in the midst of this there is that one terrifying question: what should I talk about?

Well, there are many things you can talk about, but let’s narrow down the list by learning what you shouldn’t talk about on your very first date, so you may snatch a chance to go on a second date.

Bringing up your ex constantly

Exes should be left where they belong: in the past. If you are starting to date, it means you are at a place to move on, so mentioning your ex or bringing up things related to your past relationship would immediately turn the romantic date into a therapy session and may be considered a red flag.

bringing up your ex

It is also disrespectful when you bring up a third person in the middle of a date between two people. It should be about you both and an enjoyable experience of getting to know the other person.

Judgemental remarks

First impressions are important on a first date. It’s a great way to show them how you are as a person. And as far as playful teasing goes, they are not unwelcomed but if it borders on becoming mean, the date may quickly go sour, ruining their impression of you.

Getting to know each other is part of the process on the first date, but keep in mind to not comment on their appearance (if it’s not a compliment) or their career choices in the very first meeting as it might come across as offensive.

Talking only about oneself

It’s normal to talk about oneself because your date must be curious about you. And it’s also a conversation starter to find what’s common between you two. But one should also know when to stop and remember to ask a question back, in turn, to keep the conversation going smoothly, asking them to add to it.

Talking only about yourself

Also, volunteer information only when your date asks, allow them time and let them take the initiative to show interest.

Over-complimenting your date

A sweet compliment about the effort they put into dressing for you goes a long way to calm your date’s nervous jitters and help in breaking the ice. But overly complimenting or gushing over everything they say or joke, might come across as insincere and forced.

You might want to make an impression or come across as agreeable and friendly, but too much of something is a bad thing and it’s sure to make them wonder the difference from your natural reactions to the fake ones.

Revealing all your insecurities

Self-deprecating humor makes a person seem humble as they are willing to take a joke on oneself by highlighting a shortcoming. But too many mentions of them might make you seem insecure in yourself.

revealing insecurities

On first dates, confidence is the key. Not too much of it, but it signifies self-assurance and is an attractive trait.

Asking for their dating history

Dating history is not an essential part as nobody has the power to change who they dated in the past. And wanting to make a quick judgment of your date based on who they dated is a bad move.

The question can make your date uncomfortable and make you seem nosy. It’s better if you let them volunteer the information themselves.

Let us know if you have snagged a second date after applying these tactics!