6 Tips that will come in handy for new mothers

new mothers
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There can be no better feeling than being a mother to many. But is it always that way? Do you always find yourself feeling so happy just by having a glimpse of that tiny human that it feels surreal? Multiple mythologies compare a mother to the status of God, but to look at it from a contemporary context, any woman even though born with the motherly instinct, is driven by multiple feelings apart from motherhood.

They are ambitions, love for a partner, goals, and others. Yes, women are nurturing in nature, but let us say they are not God, they are humans who make mistakes and experiment to learn. In the time of planned pregnancies and scarce maternity leaves here are 7 ways a new mother can cope with the blues effectively.

Have a good diet:

New mothers may get so worked up that they may even take to missing meals. They are stressed, sleep-deprived, and worried for the baby, these adjustments make them neglect their food and even water at times. They forget they are lactating and need to eat well to stay fit for the baby. They even need to have a lot of fluids to avoid bloating and not getting heat strokes due to dehydration and stress. Remember, a happy and healthy mother means a happy and healthy child. So, stuff yourself with nutritious food even if it comes at the cost of neglecting all the other chores for a while.

Not overthinking the physiological changes:

new mothers

Many women today are image-conscious, they want to have a perfect shape else they can be questioned everywhere they go. Post-pregnancy body is a thing and it may take time for your body to get back to your pre-baby body. So, relax as these changes are unavoidable. Exertion or forcefully restoring the body will only make you more unhealthy and moody which is not a good sign for the baby. So, take your time and go easy on your body and mind.

Don’t ignore your career:

new mothers

New mothers think or are stereotyped into believing that there is no life beyond a baby. That their career shall and can take a backseat. Want to work? Stand your ground. Work on yourself or take up all the self-development and soft skill courses that can upgrade your profile. Show them your productivity even with a baby. You can definitely show how great a multitasker and serious at work you are.

Learn to divide work:

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Always remember, a father is also an equal parent to the child, so do not hesitate in asking him to do the work or getting him to run errands of the house. Because if the contribution for the baby was equal then so will the work and responsibilities. Staying up the night alone? Take turns. Giving the baby a sponge bath? Alternate it amongst yourselves. This sharing of workload will take away a lot of stress.

Take one step at a time:

New mother tips

Never think there is a manual to being a perfect mother. Make mistakes and never overdo or overthink the part of being a mother, flow in the emotions and at times let them guide you, let your little baby also be your guide, let them help you make this journey memorable. Never jump steps as standing on day 1 one cannot assume what day 365 will look like, especially with a newborn baby around.

An issue that has been ignored by most mothers is postpartum depression. Many even ignore the signs and because of this, they are unable to focus on the baby. So, if you notice cranky, annoyed, sad, anxious, and fidgety behavior in yourself, don’t hesitate and get professional help.

These ways might not be the only ways or absolutely perfect. But is a known fact that women are fierce, great multitaskers, and quick learners, so a little bit of help from an understanding family and a loving partner will make this dilemma and confusion a much easier process for them.