6 Zodiac signs that are hard to read

6 zodiac signs that are dominant
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Have you ever just looked at a person and thought of what’s going on in their head? It happens more often than we think, but to read and understand some people is just so difficult. Read ahead to know if you are one of them!

While some people are easily expressive and open about what’s on their mind, others are just closed off from the strangers and the world outside. They have got distinct shades and layers to themselves that the folks are intrigued about. Getting along with them might be a little challenging but it might also be worth the time as they are so creative and have a spectrum of perspectives. You will often find them lost in their thought.

We have listed 6 zodiac signs that are hard to read.



The emotional depth of Cancer is hard to get to and interpret. They are very emotional and sentimental, which is precisely why they are not open books and are hard to read. As they develop their personalities, they realize that working on interpersonal communication can be really beneficial. They are likely to make an effort to connect with others at a gradual pace. They are very compassionate and can navigate through communication.



These natives can be lost in their thoughts and under the weight of their own complexities, which can make it hard for them to express themselves. They believe in shared experiences and a desire to connect over the common ground. They are emotionally unavailable bottle up their emotions, and prefer introspection over vocalizing their thoughts. They like to think things over before deciding anything for sure or before making any decision. As they learn to bend without breaking, they discover the power of embracing the unfamiliar.


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Aries natives are very passionate and are strong individuals who carve their own paths. They are determined and love to be left alone with their work. Their friends and family may find it difficult to break into those layers as they get to know these individuals. These natives are wonderful at innovation and self-expression; they will shine bright, while the same might make it harder for everyone else to read them.


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Gemini is definitely a lively and colorful personality. They have brilliant minds that fill in creativity into whatever they attempt at. They are usually guarded, and they are, therefore, closed off to most people. They occasionally face unexpected situations of awkwardness around new folks. As they start to mingle with people, breaking their layers, they unveil themselves to those willing to venture closer.

Gemini is usually very preoccupied with their goals and ambitions, which makes them keep their social life at arm’s length.


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They are great communicators, and even though they are full of imagination and enthusiasm, they are less expressive and making decisions in general, which makes it hard for other people to decipher their micro-expressions.


6 zodiac signs that are dominant

They have very complex personalities and are typically shy. They are closed off from the world as they fear misuse of their emotions and vulnerabilities. They often tend to overanalyze stuff, which might be the reason for not being able to read their mind. Their stubbornness contributes to their mysterious nature, and they quite like it.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.