6 Zodiac signs that are most likely to be empaths

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Some of us understand a social setting better than others. Read ahead to know if your sign is one of them!

In the astrological sense, when we go beyond logical reasoning, we tend to discover that a person’s empathetic energy is drawn closely to their star sign. Some settings and environments are just more sensitive and are exposed to vulnerability than others. While that is true, it is also to be considered that some of the signs do actually resonate with the feelings and have intense empathetic waves.

We have listed 6 zodiac signs that are most likely to be empaths. Did you make it to the list?



Cancer has a reputation for getting moody and given that they carry the emotions of others, it makes sense why. They understand how others feel and have a sense of reading the room. They might have difficulty recognizing their own emotions and have a difficult time maintaining their boundaries.

Natives of this sign are born nurturers likely to feel emotions more intensely than others and carry the empathetic energy to fiercely protect their family and loved ones.


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They might appear to be warm in the spotlight, which might imply a sense of detachment from other people. Leo’s role, however, and approach to people’s emotions and responses makes them empathetic.

Since Leo rules the heart, they tend to perform acts of generosity and kindness and give of their own energy. It all comes from a warm, heart-centered place for them.


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They are eagle-eyed for changes in demeanor. They tend to observe the smallest of details.

The natives of this sign will want to come up with remedies and solutions to others’ issues and find a way to help people fall in love with themselves again. They are willing to go to great lengths to anticipate their loved one’s needs before the other person can even vocalize it.


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These signs have a really loving core. Libras are often indecisive but have deep empathy for other people around them and their equality. A Libra will always consider the thoughts, feelings, and wishes of others, putting themselves in someone else’s shoes.


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Scorpios are critically analytical, and they easily sniff off emotions. They will plumb any depths in their quest for true, soul-centered intimacy. They can easily recognize the emotions and vulnerabilities of other people, which can get them overwhelmed by the intensity of their own feelings as well as others. This is the core reason for them being so deeply connected to the empathetic energy. It can lead them to become rigid about personal boundaries.


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The natives of this sign are considered to be a gateway between all kinds of energetic fields and emotional processors. Pisces can easily use their powers of perception to tap into various environments and settings. They may carry even more intense empathy waves.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.