6 Zodiac signs that love to sleep-in

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Credits: Pexels, Pixabay

A sound slumber tends to make you feel fresh and stay awake. Are you someone who loves to sleep in on your day off? Read ahead to know!

Among the restlessness and chaotic living of humans with cities bustling, there’s a breed of zodiac signs who get the best sleep every single night. They are likely to doze off anytime and anywhere in a snap. We have listed six zodiac signs that love to sleep in.



Like listening to swaying wind chimes and your favorite mix of songs, sleep is just another delicious sensory pleasure for the natives of this sign. They see no problem climbing onto the bed early and emerging as late as their schedule will allow the next day. They find solace in the comforts of their familiar environment and routine rituals: cooking up a comfort meal, dipping into a bath, indulging in a few chapters of their favorite novel or poems, or just tucking themselves in to pass out while watching their series run. Taurus considers bed as their throne, surrounded by their thriving houseplants and overpriced candle collection. We cannot blame them for being heavy sleepers; it is only natural.


Zodiac signs

With imaginative Neptune ruling them, these natives are all about blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy, the conscious and subconscious. They are deeply inspired by the poetic essence, but sleep is more than just a happy vision to dream about. It’s more like a retreat for them. The emotional chameleons take on the feelings of everyone that they have encountered in a day. They face any problem, and they escape into their sleep sanctuary to recharge. Just be sure to wake up before they doze through work.


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Natives of this sign are all for an artistic beauty of balance and harmony. They require just the right balance for their sleep as well, and their sleeping habits are to be devoted equal energy for each day. They love a good rest, a walk in nature, grabbing smoothies with an old friend, and getting eight hours of sleep. Libra natives have to feel at ease before drifting off to sleep and know just how to set the scene for bedtime, bearing their scented candles with a 12-step skincare routine. If Libra is certain they are on good terms with people they cherish and hold onto, they will be allowed to sweep them up like a warm breeze.


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Much like everything else in life, natives of this sign have a practical approach to everything, including sleep. They are likely to set a perfect schedule to time their sleep and the need to clock in to wake up refreshed.



Ruled by the moon, Cancer natives are people who can drift into a peaceful and sound rest when they feel relaxed and at ease. They are most definitely inclined towards cozying up in a throw pillow, weighted blanket, or arms of their loved ones.


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They love sleep like no other. They are intense, with strong emotions flooding their way, and they often keep it hidden or bottled up. They are likely to be overwhelmed by this wave of emotions almost immediately and sleep in their answer to get relaxed and push away the thoughts. They’re heavy sleepers as well.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.