6 Zodiac signs who are nerdy

6 zodiac signs who play hard to get
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There are some people who know it all or at least have a natural instinct to do so. They are intrusive and have an eagerness to learn. Are you one of them? Read ahead to know if you made the list!

Nerd was not even a word for the longest; you might not know that you might have been one in your life or just developed into one. Nerds are likely to know it all, probably even more jargon than the word itself. Your stars might play an important role in aligning your traits with the same. One of the traits is being a nerd and all geeky.

Here, we have an interesting list of 6 nerdy zodiac signs that are known to us!


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Natives of this sign are lost in their thoughts and in their own little bubble of a perfect world. Of course, they are smart and among the nerds. While they are at it, they can attempt to get a few laughs out of you, and they can teach you a thing or two when it comes to it.

When there’s an opportunity to get into a close circle that will worship you for your knowledge, that’s the place for Aries,


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Gemini might not be anything other than a nerd. They are deep inside their thoughts and would literally carry their pens in their pocket. If you want to learn something new or have something to ask, then Geminis is your way to roll.

Natives of this sign are wise and keep a conversation going if they are interested in something and will completely geek out hard.



Cancer natives are sweet, goofy, and a huge time nerd. They pick on passions, and they can be so nerdy at times that they would sniff out people with similar interests as them. Cancer natives will actually make an effort to get to know people with the same intellectual interests as them. It’s never really dull to hang out with them when you have something in common to build the foundation on.


6 zodiac signs who play hard to get

They are nerdy, and that’s one attractive thing about them. The second one might be the fact that they are into fashion. Nerdy fashionistas have all eyes on them when they walk the walk. Approximately half the people are Libras, and they can be very geeky. They are the type of people to make fan accounts, make edits, and write fan fiction and narratives.


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They have a natural curiosity to get to know stuff. They are reading or watching videos about every possible thing, all the random things, just to know how everything functions. You might want to associate them with a peak geek attitude, as they will be at it if they are fixated on something.

If something fascinates them, they will go to an extent to know all the nuances.


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Capricorn natives might not agree with it, but they are nerdy, geeky, book-smart, and lost in their thoughts. You would find them learning the simplest of things, of how bees make honey and how dogs drink water, and would legit quote Breaking Bad, episode by episode.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.