6 Zodiac signs who are villains

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Do you identify as a villain? Read ahead to know if you made it to the list!

No matter how much someone tries or wishes to hold back their aggression and anger, there are times when we just can’t hold back. There are different contexts to it, though. It doesn’t have to be negative all the time. Villains are lowkey admirable for the extent they will travel in order to favor their beliefs and vision. Drawing parallels with astrology, your signs could play a vital role in deriving your reaction and the way you are portrayed according to your personality.

These zodiac signs portrayed to be villainous embrace their dark aspects and give a unique perspective to the cosmic tapestry. We have listed down six zodiac signs who are villains, according to astrology. Did you make it to the list?


zodiac signs

This water sign led by Pluto leads the pack of zodiac signs which can be identified as villains. Their personality and analyzing skills with an understanding of emotions in depth often push them into the darkness but are to be on the spot with their skills of manipulation.

Scorpios’ determination and urgency to be in control all the time create an aura around them that is often seen as if they are the masterminds orchestrating everything that is going on in a certain situation. While they might not always be exposed to such desire and conventional methods, their complexity and way of words lead them to align with that of a villain in a cosmic narrative.


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This earth sign ruled by Saturn can often be categorized as villainous as they tend to come off way too strong with their emotions and determination. Their prioritization and ambition to achieve their goals can put them through tough decision-making that would weigh out sentimental.

They love challenges, and they would strategize the grey areas to achieve their best-favored objective. They are at par with the conventional, and their approach to handling stuff along with complex emotions may portray them as villains.


Zodiac signs

The air sign ruled by Uranus is a rebel and embraces the unconventional approaches that would put them on the spot for being villainous in itself. Their innovative thinking and tendency to challenge societal norms or existing orders might make them look like disruptors.

Their willingness to take extreme measures to achieve a goal and their spontaneity to pursue their vision with individualism and complexity, even if that means going against the conventional norms and societal boundaries, portray them as a villain way too easily and way too fast.


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This fire sign ruled by Mars personifies fearlessness and boldness. Their aura to face a challenge head-on is often portrayed as a result of aggression and confrontation.

Their willingness to assert their dominance may be provocative and raise conflict with the conventional. Their approach to confrontation, dynamism, and complexity portray them as villains.



This earth sign ruled by Venus is stubborn and, at times, inconsiderate due to its straightforwardness. They are not afraid to face challenges or try out something new that can be dangerous. They won’t rest until they have it all planned out and hence, known as masterminds as well. This definitely plays a part in portraying them as villains.


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This fire sign ruled by Jupiter is usually happy-go-lucky with dreamy stuff and full of adventure. However, they are very moody and rigid with their beliefs which puts them on the spot as villains for not bending their rules. They can be slightly controlling, and their nature of speaking out the truth without sugar-coating words aligns them with the villains.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.