6 Zodiac signs who hate lying

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Some people can sniff out the lies in a snap, and they approach the same only two ways. They either confront the person and call out on their bullshit or just simply cut off their ties with that person. Read ahead to know if you made it to the list!

Some people fabricate their stories to make themselves appear better and extraordinary to others. There are signs that can sniff out the lies people are winding, and that is so because they hate lying themselves. We have listed down six zodiac signs who hate lying, according to astrology.


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The natives of this sign are often forthright and to the point. They will tell you exactly what they think, without a filter and regardless of your feelings. If you ask them for an opinion, they will give it to you straight away.

They value honesty and authenticity above all and can spot it whenever someone’s lying. They are blunt and expect the same from others. If they discover that someone has lied to them, they might cut them off entirely.



Tauras are very loyal friends, which is why they tend to speak the truth as it is. The natives of this sign are known for being straightforward, so if you are associated with a Tauras, be prepared to hear things that you might not want to.

They value loyalty and integrity and can be deeply hurt if someone lies to them. They are unlikely to forgive easily and might as well hold a grudge if you lie to them.


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They are known for their straightforwardness and for being two-faced. They can be sweet and loving one minute and throw some hurtful words at you the next moment. They really just want to be honest with themselves and others.

They tend to be analytical and logical, and they are skilled at detecting deception. When faced with someone who’s lying, they might confront that person, ask for an explanation, or simply cut off ties with that person.


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They are also very direct and won’t sugar-coat for you. This may come off as completely wrong, with them interpreted as rude and unapproachable. However, they just expect others to come straight to the point rather than spiraling around a conversation.

Leo prefers authenticity and can easily call out on anyone’s bullshit when someone is being deceptive. They are more straightforward and direct, and they expect the same from others. If they catch a lie, they may feel deeply hurt and betrayed, and they have the tendency to cut off all contact with that person.


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Virgos are known for being critical and honest. They have a bar set high and always need perfection. They tend to be brutally honest when someone has not met their criteria. Although this might come across to them as rude and unapproachable, they have honest feedback for your growth and development.

Virgo expects honesty and accuracy. They are big on integrity and can become upset when someone lies to them, especially if the lie is designed to manipulate or deceive them.


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Natives of this sign avoid conflict at all costs and value integrity, and can become upset when someone lies to them. They might face the situation headstrong and demand an explanation from the person who’s lied to them or withdraw all strings.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.