6 Zodiac signs who love cats

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Who doesn’t love a fuzzball? Some people are just more inclined towards these little ones than others. Read ahead to know if you are one
of them!

Yes, all pets are honestly equally lovable and completely adorable. But some of us are definitely a little biased toward our feline friends. We have listed down six zodiac signs who love cats.


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You’re a proud creature, and it’s no wonder. Your symbol is the lion, so you connect to the spiritual ways of the kitties. Don’t make them mad because they can get feisty real fast. But when they like you, they’ll purr up a storm and make you feel really special. You’re pretty much like that with people yourself, so you can definitely relate to them on a next-level basis.



Your symbol is the bull, so you’ve got being stubborn down pat. Cats are also creatures of habit who don’t like their routines being disturbed. You can lead predictable lives together and get to know each other’s boundaries. You’re both able to love, but in doses that are manageable. They’re animals that just get you, and that’s pretty remarkable.


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You are kind of a hard-ass when it comes to your standards of perfection. Cats are also a little cold when it comes to being selective about who they give their hearts to. So you guys can get along in this way. Once a kitty has your affection, you’ll be sure to shower them thoroughly in it. And the same goes for you; a feline who loves you is a friend for life.


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Your earthy, fussy self likes cats for their ability to pick up cues. You two are both smart, and can spend a quiet evening in together. Cats are pretty low-maintenance, so you love that they don’t need to be walked either. Give them a litter box and a scratching post, and they’ll be able to spend quality time by themselves while you attend to the details of life. What a great dynamic.


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Cats can handle your intensity in a way many humans can’t, and you Scorpios are certainly an intense bunch. If you ever are going through a crisis, cats are surprisingly intuitive. They’ll follow you around if you’re in a low mood and make sure you’re doing okay, and that’s such a meaningful and perceptive way to be. You love kitties for helping you through the lows, but they’re also there with their quiet, strong energy during the highs. Your darkness is something they weirdly, perhaps psychically, understand.


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You’re a social creature, but you’re also detached in a lot of ways. Cats are basically the same way. You can spend a lot of time with them and never feel like you know everything there is to know about them. They are mysterious. Like you! Isn’t it nice to have someone else in your life who’s like that? Let a kitty be that someone.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.