7 Alarming signs of Vitamin C deficiency

vitamin c
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The first thing that pops into our mind while talking about Vitamin C, is skincare. It’s a known fact that Vitamin C helps maintain skin tightness and plumpness by accelerating the production of collagen and elastin. Several products are present in the market which claims that applying Vitamin C to the skin can rejuvenate its youthful, smooth appearance and delay the onset of premature aging.

People tend to spend lots of money buying Vitamin C-rich creams, serums, and whatnot which they assume will do the job. But experts suggest that you should include Vitamin C-rich diets to get that glow from the inside out. Not only this, it’s essential to include Vitamin C in your diet to avoid any sort of deficiency.

Here are a few signs that suggest you are Vitamin C deficient:

  1. Wrinkles, dryness, and skin-cracks

vitamin c

Even after putting in lots of moisturizers, your skin looks dull. No matter what your skin color is it doesn’t have a glow, your lips are chapped and you have cracked heels. This is due to Vitamin C deficiency. You must have noticed celebrities have glowing skin. Almost all of them say that they drink lots of fluids and include Vitamin C in their diet.  If you start consuming a Vitamin C-rich diet you will also have skin that is softer and smoother. The antioxidant properties present in Vitamin C help shield your skin.

  1. Your wounds are taking time to heal


The blood and tissues of your body contain less Vitamin C when you are injured. It is required by your body to produce a protein known as collagen that is involved in each stage of skin restoration. Additionally, Vitamin C supports the healthy function of neutrophils, which is a type of white blood cell to reduce and fight infection. Thus, if you lack vitamin C you will eventually face difficulty in healing the wound faster.

  1. Frequent nose-bleed, gum-bleed, and bruise

vitamin c

Vitamin C plays a vital role in making blood vessels healthy, which also aids blood clotting. Collagen is very necessary for strong teeth and gum. In order to stay away from gum disease and maintain healthy teeth, experts advise consuming Vitamin C-rich fruits such as grapefruit, etc.

  1. Belly-fats

vitamin c

If you are tensed about your belly fat and wondering why it is not disappearing even after regular diet and exercise then this may be the cause of Vitamin C deficiency. A large amount of body fat, especially in the belly area is said to be linked with a low amount of vitamin C.

  1. Your immunity is really low

vitamin c

If you get sick whenever the weather changes and take time to recover even from a minor cough and cold then it is an alarm that your body has low immunity. This is also a cause of Vitamin C deficiency.

  1. You often have joint pains and swelling issue

vitamin c

The joint pains and discomfort are often linked to a lack of Vitamin C. You need to start worrying as these cases are frequently severe enough to result in limping or trouble walking.

  1. You are always feeling tired and having frequent mood swings

vitamin c

While these symptoms can be the reason related to several other problems mental or physical, Vitamin C also is one of the reasons to develop such issues.

These are some of the most common signs of Vitamin C deficiency. However, it’s always advised to seek expert advice if you experience any of the symptoms before you self-diagnose.