7 Benefits of drinking chamomile tea

Chamomile Tea
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From starting of the day, get-togethers with friends, or having evening snacks, a nice cup of tea is what everyone chooses over anything! The first thought that pops up in everyone’s mind whenever one wants to refresh their mood or take a break, is a nice cup of tea. But is it healthy to consume tea every day? Is there anything else that we can replace with tea?

Chamomile tea

A single cup of tea contains 49 calories and can take a huge toll on our body whereas chamomile tea contains 0 calories and acts like a natural remedy for human body. Very healthy! Isn’t it?

Made with daisy like flowers of Asteraceae plant family, this beneficial tea has been consumed from ancient times as a remedy for several health-related problems. Present in nature as the form of free gift from mother earth, these heavenly flowers are plucked, dried up and then infused into hot water.

chamomile tea

Having a sweet, flowery taste similar to apples, this medicinal herb blesses your taste-buds and leaves slightly bitter aftertaste, already a huge fusion of flavors! Also, the tea is available in market in a variety of flavors, some of the best flavors include lemon and orange, pure Assam, organic peppermint, and many others. Furthermore, chamomile tea is rich in antioxidants that blesses body with a lot of benefits that include lowering the risks of heart disease and cancer.

Chamomile tea

So, this tea fits into the best healthy alternative that can replace normal tea as it has a lot of health benefits.Here are the 7 benefits of drinking chamomile tea that you need to know

Helps in improving sleep quality

chamomile tea

Rich in apigenin, chamomile tea helps in terminating insomnia and promoting quality sleep. Apigenin is a bioflavonoid compound derived from chamomile. It helps in binding the brain receptors on the brain, which leads to the reduction of anxiety and acts like a chloride channel helping the shutting down of forebrain that eventually leads to a night of good and sound sleep. So, in-case you are suffering from insomnia, instead of having pills that enhance sleep, try having chamomile tea daily.

Helps in reducing menstrual pain

chamomile tea

Having cramps and want to get rid of them? Chamomile tea can come to rescue here. Possessing anti-spasmodic properties and being rich in antioxidants, this tea helps relieve painful cramps during menstruation. It works by relaxing the uterus and decreasing the production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that cause inflammation and pain.

Also, if you are suffering from PCOD, this tea will help you a lot! It acts like a hormone balancer which leads to regular cycles.

Helps to promote bone density

chamomile tea

Peak bone mass in women is reached at around 30, and after this number the bone density in women start to deteriorate. Hence, it is advisable to keep a good care of your body at this stage and age. Having chamomile tea can act like a remedy here. Extract of chamomile tea helps in the stimulation of osteoblasts, cells that build bones in the body. So, consumption of chamomile tea, religiously can help in the promoting the quality of bone mass, density, and strength and acts like a cure of osteoporosis.

 Helps in improving digestive Health

chamomile tea

Containing antispasmodic properties this medicinal tea helps in relaxing smooth muscles present in intestines and stomach which helps in curing inflammatory digestive issues like diverticulitis and esophageal reflux and has been used to treat digestive conditions such as colic, gas, diarrhea, stomach cramps, indigestion etc.

By facilitating the healthy absorption of sugars, lipids and amino acids this tea preserves the health of the digestive tract. It helps in flourishing healthy intestinal bacteria and thereby promoting proper digestion of food.

Helps in prevention of cancer

chamomile tea

One of the best qualities of chamomile tea is that it can help prevent cancer as it contains a handsome amount of apigenin, a bioflavonoid compound derived from chamomile and a potent antioxidant that helps in slowing of cancer growth and shrank cancerous tumors. Having a few cups of this tea in a day has proven to cure cancer by affectively slowing down the growth of tumors and cancerous cells.

Helps in the loss of excessive body weight

chamomile tea

With its detoxifying properties, chamomile tea can act like a perfect remedy for weight loss. Rich in a variety of phytonutrients that help in terminating oxidative stress, reduces inflammation and check the biochemical enzymatic action of lipase which facilitates breaking down of fatty acids in the ingested food into lipids that leads to weight loss.

One can consume chamomile tea daily in order to get rid of those extra flabs.

Helps in taking good care of the Respiratory System

Having a sore throat and want to get rid of it? A cup of hot chamomile tea with a tea-spoon of honey mixed in it can act like a perfect remedy. Having chamomile tea will help to get rid of respiratory diseases such as congestion, sore throat, dry coughs, etc.

These are a few benefits of having chamomile tea. It is advised to seek professional advice in case you have a history of pollen allergy because this tea might not do wonders for you. And children, of course, should avoid having this tea at all costs.