7 Benefits of drinking saffron water on an empty stomach

Credits: Pixabay, Pexels

Trust us when we say your kitchen is a gold mine. Not because you can hide your money safely in there but because there are some really beneficial and healthy spices hidden in your kitchen that you may not be aware of. Not only do these amazing food products including a variety of seeds and natural spices enhance food’s taste but also, they have numerous health advantages.

There is one such herb ‘Saffron’ which is a little extraordinary and more costly than others. Saffron is one of the costliest spices in the world, it is made from the bloom of the Crocus sativus plant, also called the saffron crocus. This orange-colored spice can transform a dish into a delicious and flavorful one with just a few strands. Apart from this, saffron comes with lots of health benefits.

If you want to avail all of the benefits of this magical expensive spice, it is advised to mix it with water and drink it in the morning for even better results.

Improve irregular period problem

periodsFor those who are facing irregular periods and very less flow of periods during their menstrual cycle then drinking saffron water really helps. It normalizes the period flow and even helps to reduce period cramps.

Helps to get glowing skin

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Drinking saffron water in the morning rejuvenates your skin and makes skin tone better. Drinking it daily will make your skin smooth and radiant. Additionally, saffron water naturally lightens and enhances the skin’s texture. They are considered the best natural treatment for the removal of acne scars.

Energizing effect

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Those who prefer coffee or tea to kickstart their day with full energy can make saffron a better and healthy replacement. Drinking saffron water in the morning will give you the same vigor and will keep you active the whole day. This morning drink is the best option especially in winter, as it will also keep you warm.

Hair fall treatment

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Many people complain about hair fall due to lots of chemicals added in daily use products like shampoo, hair oil, hair color, etc. Drinking saffron water is the best cure for hair problems. You will definitely see the instant effect after including it in your morning routine.

Helps in weight loss

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Drinking saffron water reduces sweet cravings which we generally have after eating a meal. Saffron water will reduce your cravings and helps in weight loss.

Helps to fight depression


Saffron has various antioxidants which cure several mental health issues. It also works as an anti-depressant and helps in lightening up your mood.

Improves brain health


Saffron extracts’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities have the ability to treat a variety of nervous system problems. The spice can be advantageous for those with Parkinson’s which affects the brain or Alzheimer’s disease.

Where can we get the best quality saffron?


You have to be a little cautious when buying saffron. Always buy it from an authentic place as the product labeled as saffron can be phony or may contain actual saffron that has been tampered with. Many sellers use substitutes that look like real saffron and sell it at a lesser price, the substitute can be corn silk threads, safflower, coconut filaments, or even dyed horse hair. Iran, Greece, Morocco, Spain, Kashmir, and Italy are some popular producers of saffron. Spain is the top importer of spice, and Iran is the spice’s most significant producer in terms of quantity and quality.

Saffron is a labor-intensive crop, which accounts for its high cost. Saffron is unique since it has several advantages which are mentioned above. However, if you suffer from any ailment or are allergic to certain foods, it’s advised to consult a specialist before adding anything to your diet. Also, remember moderation is always the key.