7 Benefits of having boiled eggs regularly

Benefits of having boiled eggs
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Eggs are the most preferred breakfast in many parts of the world because of their amazing taste. An egg, when boiled, is a healthier and more appetizing alternative as compared to other breakfasts. Also, an egg a day keeps the doctor away. How, you ask? Packed with proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12 and B6, Vitamin D, E, K, and A, selenium, and minerals like copper, zinc, and iron that can benefit the human body in many ways.

Benefits of having boiled eggs

It helps in curing diseases like diabetes and heart disease, Macular degeneration, metabolic syndrome, HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis, etc. Because of its amazing qualities, it’s advisable should consume boiled eggs every day.

Here are the 7 benefits of consuming boiled eggs every day:

Helps in proper brain functioning

Improved brain health

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) elements, eggs can facilitate the working of the brain. Choline present in egg yolk is converted into acetylcholine by the brain which further helps brain cells in communicating with each other and keeping the memories intact. To get a sharp and healthy memory adding boiled eggs to the diet is a must.

Helps in improving metabolism

Improved Metabolism

Containing high protein, antioxidants, and carotenoids eggs help in boosting metabolism leading to weight loss. Also, choline only found in the egg yolks, plays an important role in maintaining a healthy metabolism. To get a healthy and strong metabolism, one should eat boiled eggs every day.

Helps in fighting HIV/AIDs


Eggs can help in combatting serious diseases like HIV/AIDs. By producing AIDS-resistant protein that shields the cells from getting infected, Eggs help in fighting and protecting against HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. One should add boiled eggs to their diet to get rid of serious problems like HIV/AIDS.

Helps in macular degeneration

Improved vision

Eggs can help in slowing down or treatment of an eye-related infection that leads to blindness and is more common in people over 60 known as macular degeneration. The antioxidants found in eggs help in promoting eye health. Also, studies have shown that people with low macula pigment who ate at least 2 eggs for five weeks showed a 31% increase in pigment. So, to get rid of several vision-related problems, one should add boiled eggs to their diet.

Helps in reducing cholesterol levels

Low cholesterol levels

Eggs contain lecithin, a nutrient that helps the body to use cholesterol properly. Moreover, eggs do not facilitate the increase of LDL which further helps in the reduction of cholesterol in the body. People having high cholesterol levels in the body should have boiled eggs in the morning.

Helps in weight loss

Weight loss

A large boiled egg contains only 78 calories which makes it a perfect fit for a healthy breakfast for people who want to lose weight. Rich in Vitamin D levels, eggs help in weight loss. Also, being rich in protein, eggs help in reducing the appetite which helps in lesser consumption of food eventually leading to shedding of extra kilos! In order to lose weight, one should definitely consume boiled eggs for breakfast.

Helps in improving heart health

Improved Heart health

Egg whites are packed with vitamins and minerals which help in promoting blood flow and prevent blood clotting helping in improving heart health. One should add boiled eggs to their diet for improving their heart health and staying away from heart-related diseases.

Mentioned above are the 7 benefits of having boiled eggs. But it is always advised to seek professional advice before adding anything to your diet.