7 Best alternatives to coffee

Credits: Pexels

Mornings are the best part of the day, isn’t it? At least for early birds. That cold breeze is flowing slowly and birds chirping in the background, kids rushing for the school bus & lot more. Don’t tell me you’re the one who grabs a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. So if you’re the one, read this.

We’ll tell you first why coffee is not a preferred choice as a first sip in the morning. Generally, we wake up dehydrated, and coffee might add to the dehydration.

Coffee increases stress hormones in our body that make us anxious, disturb the sleep cycle, and disturb our mood. It also imbalances the stomach acids that can affect your digestion. So, here are the 7 Best alternatives to drinking coffee in the morning. 

Water:  This is so basic right? But we don’t drink water that often in the mornings. Water hydrates your body & makes your digestion better by flushing toxins from your body. It helps in maintaining body temperature.  Regular adequate intake of water can help you in getting glowy skin. A glass of water can improve metabolism and helps in better immune systems.

Apple cider vinegar: This is another substitute for coffee that can boost your metabolism. It is said that it helps in weight loss & improves digestion. It helps in detoxification of our body in the most effective way. But the amount of apple cider vinegar should be limited to a certain amount. Mix 1-2 tablespoons into a glass of lukewarm water or normal room temperature water. Rinse your mouth after drinking it to avoid cons.

7 Best alternatives to drinking coffee in the morning.

Matcha Tea: It helps in keeping the brain & heart healthy. It helps in weight loss. Matcha helps in reducing liver enzyme levels which helps in reducing liver damage. It enhances smooth brain functioning to some extent. It helps in improving attention span & sharpening memory. It helps in reducing the chances of heart disease and stroke by reducing bad cholesterol levels. 1-2 cups of Matcha tea is good enough to consume on a daily basis. Overuse of Matcha can adversely affect the body system. Take 1-2 tablespoon Matcha powder, mix with lukewarm water & whisk it. Add adequate water to get your desired consistency.

7 Best alternatives to drinking coffee in the morning.

 Fruit juice: Fruit juice is the best alternative. Juices are the best substitute as they keep you hydrated & help in managing a healthy lifestyle. Juices instantly energize the body & boost immunity. Juice consumptions provide needed vitamins & minerals that can help in improving gut health, and make your body toxins-free. The amount of skin & hair benefits are uncountable, Juices make your skin glowy healthier & relaxed. Juices can directly help you in having healthy hair.

Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea is good for tackling menstrual issues as it is anti-inflammatory. It also has anti-anxiety properties which helps to relieve anxiety due to PMS. It has been found that chamomile tea can help in lowering blood sugar levels. It reduces the amount of stress in diabetes patients. It contains some compounds that reduce inflammation. It helps in protection against cancer cells, calming the body. It is effective for people who just can’t sleep. It calms the mind. But it is advised to avoid it during pregnancy.

7 Best alternatives to drinking coffee in the morning.

Smoothies: This is a power-packed breakfast idea that is filled with countless benefits. The good part is you hardly have to repeat the patterns because there are so many fruits and dry fruits available that you can make different recipes every day. There’s a wide variety available to make your breakfast colorful & with loads of health benefits. Various fruits can provide many different needed vitamins and minerals. A good majority is talking about weight loss, but weight gain is a real issue too; some of us are really underweight and want to improve our lifestyle. So, smoothie bowls are a great option for weight gain in a healthy way. It contains a lot of fibre which makes it easier to digest so it’s good for somebody who suffers constipation often. 


Watermelon juice or lemonade: This is one of the best Summer substitutes that you can prefer. It purifies the liver & prevents kidney stones. Watermelon juice is good for the eyes. Vitamin A can help in keeping healthy eyesight.   Vitamin B6 and Magnesium have dopamine which fuels up the energy cells. It helps in reducing body fats. Anti-aging properties of watermelon can help in the control of fine lines. It promotes healthy hair growth. It’s so affordable and easily available.