7 Clear signs that you are unofficially dating

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Credits: Pexels

From quality time to shared interests, some people are just blinded by the obvious or just do not want to accept their feelings. Read ahead to know if you share a similar situationship with your “non-date” date!

With the evolving dating norms, unofficial dating and flings have become a common culture and are as puzzling as a maze when it comes to navigating through feelings and signs.

You might be getting involved and invested with each other, doing full-blown romantic stuff that any couple committed in a relationship would do. We have listed down seven signs that you are unofficially dating. Can you relate?

You feel a spark of energy and excitement whenever you are together

One of the classic signs you are in a relationship without knowing is you feel positive and happy. You might feel butterflies in your stomach while spending time or even thinking about that person. You both share great chemistry, and this type of chemistry indicates a sharp. Escalated finely tuned emotional responses with one another. This indicates that you both share a relationship that is beyond regular friendship.

You both are involved in exclusive communication

You both prioritize being in touch with each other, catch-up and share your feelings and thoughts. These types of conversations imply that you both are different from regular friendships. You might also use “we” instead of “me and you”. This behavior reflects the dynamic of a couple.


You both are involved in playful flirting

If your interactions involve teasing, joking, and complimenting each other flirtatiously, then this behavior goes beyond the old-school friendly banter and adds a tat-bit of romance or sexual undertones. Involvement in this behavior suggests that the both of you are romantic, comfortable expressing affection, and have a tension going on in a way that implies more than just friends.

You both discuss dating each other frequently

This is one of the most common signs of an unofficial relationship. The discussion about relationships in general and about dating one another might include sharing personal experiences, opinions, and perspectives on different types of relationships or even talking about it to date either one. The fact that these conversations come up naturally while you guys are talking means that both of you are comfortable with each other talking about romance and relationships.


You encounter mixed feelings

If you are in an unofficial relationship, you both sense that your bond is more than just friendship, but you haven’t officially labeled it yet. You constantly text each other, understand each other, even when one of you is silent, and you feel relaxed and calm when spending time with each other. If that is your situation right now, have a conversation addressing the same to get clarity and confirmation.

You both show affection publicly

There’s always affection and subtle attempts at doing so: holding. A mutual attraction will be why you both will be attracted to each other in the first place, but when you are comfortable enough with each other while engaging in the same in public, it suggests that you are willing to express your attraction and connection openly. It is a way to convey that you guys are more than just friends.


You discuss future aspirations and life plans with each other

Sharing your dreams, goals, and ambitions with someone indicates that you are comfortable with that person, trust their judgment and values, and respect their opinions. These conversations imply a more intense connection, more likely to be found in long-term relationships where both partners tend to see a future together. If you find yourselves circling around this topic, then it’s a clear sign that you are unofficially dating.