7 Common reasons why men leave women they love


Breakups are heartbreaking, especially in a long-term relationship. It leaves you confused about the reasons for the relationship’s demise. And you might even end up doubting yourself whether you were at fault.

This loop of overthinking and heartbreak may follow you to your next relationship and leave strains in it. Figuring out if you were the one with problems might help future connections and resolve misunderstandings between couples.

The end of a relationship may have many reasons, but here are the 7 common reasons why men leave women they love.

Lack of stimulation


Dismissive-Avoidant attachment style

Men seek women with whom, when they converse, they feel charged and challenged. Challenged on a mental level, like a back and forth of witty remarks or light provocative flirting.
Dull responses or your lack of interest in the conversation might be tolerable at first, but after a long time, this can cause dissatisfaction.

Appreciate appreciation

Men are competitive beings and want their loved ones to appreciate them. Lack of appreciation by their partner will make them feel that they are not acknowledged, which is one of the common reasons why men leave the women they love.
If they are good at something, be vocal about your praise and supportive of their efforts.

Lack of effort

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After being together for long, couples tend to become comfortable around each other. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not trying to make up and look pretty for your partner every once in a while will make them feel that you don’t care enough.

Going on dates and getting dressed up nicely stimulates a dull relationship. It says that you are still trying to attract them like you did in your early dating days.

Not able to spend time together

Working is an economic need for couples, and when you both work, there might not be enough time to spend together. This situation, after a time, will lead to a lack of communication and estrange you as a couple.

Taking a vacation or going on a date will give a couple quality time to spend. Having conversations and sharing even little things will bring you closer to each other.

Toxicity in relationship


Deliberately making men jealous, being unsupportive and critical, and causing fights just for drama are signs of toxicity. Men, for the most like peace and quiet. They like to be cared for and supported.

Causing unnecessary drama every day might turn their heart sour for you before they finally end the relationship.

Men want to be pampered too

As natural providers, men are shouldered with the responsibility of raising a family. They love to provide for their loved ones, taking care of their little and large needs and wants. But when these needs get excessive, or their partner’s attitude turns ungrateful, men may feel like they are being taken for granted.

As a couple, make sure to let your man be pampered, too. Doing relaxing skin care together or buying their favorite dessert once in a while will let them know that you appreciate their care and keep them in mind. Reciprocation is necessary in a relationship.

Lack of matching future goals

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Although people ask important questions regarding future goals at the beginning, before they start dating, it is possible that someone might have a change of heart. This is one of the common reasons why men leave women they love.

Decisions like marriage, kids, and employment should match, or they lead to fights where one is trying to convince the other to match their vision of the future. So, set your goals straight with men before you start dating.