7 Exciting shows releasing on Netflix in April 2022

Ozark Season 4 part 2 release date ruth langmore byrde cast plot trailer promo teaser

Netflix and chill is like a universal language and rightly so because the streaming giant has become the virtual hangout spot. And why not? This OTT platform has never failed to surprise us with the humongous amount of content it can offer, whether it is series, movies, animated, or real life biographies, or even fiction. If you don’t know what to do on a weekend, Netflix has always got your back.

So, if you are planning to prepare your April watchlist, we assure you the release sheet looks both diverse and promising. Here are the top 7 shows releasing on Netflix in April 2022:

Anatomy of a Scandal

Anatomy of a Scandal
Credits: NETFLIX

We all see our leaders at a pedestal. A perfect family man, a great husband, a wonderful team worker, and the best President. People think they have it all, but what if a scandal is exposed that shuns all your beliefs in a second? Follow this show to find out on April 15, 2022.

Russian Doll Season 2

Russian Doll | Season 2 Date Announcement | Netflix

Stories that are fixed in a time loop do make our minds go haywire. The protagonist who is a comedian going for a show in New York keeps reliving the same night, by dying in it, but there is something she has to do right or all wrong to make it fine. Picking up from where it left off, the second installment of the show will premiere on April 20, 2022.

The Bubble

The Bubble | Judd Apatow Comedy | Official Trailer | Netflix

Coming on April 1, 2022, also popularly known as April Fool’s Day, the story is quite the opposite. A group of actors is stuck in an action film set which is in the form of a bubble with the addition of a pandemic in it.

The Ultimatum

Love is considered unaltered and supreme? But what if it is put to test, by other potential candidates on the ‘List’ of your love. Follow the journey to find out how many people let love win or do really have realizations about the people they are in love with. This show hits the OTT officially on April 6, 2022, and makes for a quirky binge-watch date.

Ozark Season 4 Part 2

Ozark: Season 4 Part 2 | Date Announcement | Netflix

Stories that involve families make us all emotional for the relatability they possess. How about saying that the family here pays money to a Mexican drug mafia to stay safe, only to be a part of them later? The second part of the fourth season is definitely going to give fans their answers as to how they pave the way through the struggles amongst a money-laundering scam on April 29, 2022.

Ultraman Season 2

ULTRAMAN Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

We all do believe superheroes need to have a perfect life, don’t we? We think they never need to grow up but let us say with power comes great responsibility. See how the son of Ultraman along with his father tries to create the ‘Giant of light’ of the new generation. With a 6.8 IMDB rating, this animated series is a must-watch for the interesting characters and values it portrays. It officially streams from April 14, 2022.

Queen of the South Season 5

Queen of the South Season 5 Trailer (HD) Final Season

We have often seen men in strong roles, how about a woman who is the center of the drug mafia? An interesting show that follows the struggles of fending for her family to now being the Queen in the world of drugs, the fifth season will have it all-violence, revenge, politics, and well more drugs! All set to shock you on April 7, 2022.

With these wonderful shows from various cultures, countries, languages, and genres, get ready for a fun-filled and eventful Summer.