7 Health benefits of drinking iced lemon water on an empty stomach

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Lemon water has been a rage for the longest possible time, and we all know it. It is common for restaurants to serve the beverage routinely. You may have also heard about a few people starting off their day with a glass of lemon water instead of coffee or tea. Much evidence is available regarding the long-term benefits of lemon water.


Talking about lemons, they contain essential nutrients like antioxidants and vitamin C. Many are unaware of how much nutritional value a glass of lemon water holds for us.

That is why we will talk about the benefits of drinking iced lemon water on an empty stomach right here.

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Benefits of iced lemon water

Here is how your body can benefit from drinking iced lemon water on an empty stomach.


Lemon water contains acid that helps break down food. The acids present in lemon are especially helpful in supplementing your stomach acid levels which tend to decline as you age over the years.

Hydration level

Most of you may not drink enough water. That is why a daily lemon water intake habit is one of the easiest ways to get your day off on the right track. You can also know if you are drinking enough water by checking if your urine is clear.

Weight loss

Weight Loss

If you make the habit of replacing your morning coffee or latte with lemon water, it is sure to aid in your weight loss journey. Trust us, try having a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach and your waistline will thank you soon.


Lemons are known to contain phytonutrients that help protect your body against multiple diseases. These phytonutrients are rich in powerful antioxidant properties that prevent cell damage due to oxidation.

Healthy vitamin C dose

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You will get your dose of regular vitamin C if you add lemon water to your diet. The specific vitamin content is necessary to protect your body from cell damage and repair injury.

Potassium boost

Your body can never function well without potassium because it is required for transporting nutrients and waste, blood pressure regulation, and nerve-muscle communication. You get your potassium content from lemon water as well.

Kidney stones

Lemon water is a significant resort to help prevent painful stones in people who are deficient in urinary citrate, which is a form of citric acid. Moreover, increased fluids in your body also help prevent dehydration which is a common cause of kidney stones.

While lemon water is loaded with benefits, it’s always advised not to drink iced lemon water daily as you might catch a cold, among other issues. Also, remember it’s always advisable to seek professional advice before adding anything to your diet.