7 Healthy ways of losing postpartum weight

Source: Pexels

Motherhood may definitely make you feel proud, happier, and excited. Seeing the big smile on your little one’s face may make you forget everything else. However, while as happy as you would be to see your newborn’s face, your own mirror image might give you some blues. Those extra kilos on the body may tamper with your confidence and may take a toll on your mental health.

While it is not easy to get your pre-baby body back instantly, it is not impossible too. You need not worry about it excessively. After postpartum, give a break to yourself and your body because a lot of things change during this phase of life. Your skin, belly, and body organs, all of them worked and coordinated to give birth and nurture a tiny human inside your body. Initially, put your efforts into creating a healthy and happy body and then towards getting back to shape.

Consuming some superfoods, exercising and active lifestyle are some healthy ways of losing postpartum weight. Here are some other ways of losing postpartum weight in a healthy manner.

Drinking ample water


In the postpartum phase, it is good to have an ample amount of water throughout the day, it protects you from the risk of dehydration and related weakness. It also prevents fatigue and dizziness. Apart from this, water makes you feel the fullness in your belly, hence controlling your food intake. This step can prevent overeating and ensure that you consume an adequate amount of food, as required by your body.



Consult your doctor about exercising after delivering a baby. Ask for advice about when to start and what exercises are suitable for the body. Exercises play a great role in losing weight from the body, no matter what the condition is. Losing weight can be slow, but it will be very energizing and beneficial for the body. Exercising not only helps in losing weight but also helps in preventing depression, ensuring proper movement of the body, and reducing the risk of diabetes. Even a walk can be a good step towards improving your weight and health, bringing activeness to your body.

Get good sleep


It may seem very difficult to get a full eight hours of sleep with a newborn baby. But, being sleep-deprived can be an unhealthy step. It can make it harder for you to lose the postpartum weight. It is very essential to get good sleep and rest to release the stress from your body. Good sleep has multi-dimensional benefits for the body. It has connected goodness with meals, physical activity, and mood. When a person gets enough sleep, they wake up active and choose to go for some physical activity. On the other hand, if a person does not get enough sleep, they may wake up lethargically and tend to skip the workout.

Healthy food


It is very essential to choose your food wisely for consumption during the postpartum period. You must consume enough fiber-rich food and also include rich proteins in your diet to keep your muscles healthy. At the same time, while you aim for weight loss, you should consume fewer calories. Amidst all this, make sure that you are getting a balanced diet that is very crucial for your health and your baby’s health during breastfeeding too.

Avoid dieting

After delivering a baby, your body loses a lot of energy and nutrition that is transferred to the offspring. Do not forget the breastfeeding aspect too. So, being a new mom, you should never go on a diet, especially a crash diet. This can have adverse effects on your health that may deliver long-term bad effects on your body. Avoiding certain nutrients from the diet can cause deficiency and related problems or diseases. Instead of dieting, many dieticians recommend a balanced diet. Also, keeping healthy snacky foods like nuts around you can help you in staying away from junk food.

Go slow and be realistic

Do not force your body to lose weight. Setting targets is good, but setting unrealistic targets is foolish. Such targets lead to sadness and feeling of failure and depression when you are not able to achieve such goals. Go slow with the process and put your consistent efforts. It may take 8-16 months to lose the postpartum weight.

Avoid sugar and refined carbs


Food items like cookies, artificial shakes, and bottled juices can be tempting enough to choose and consume. But such food items are high in calories and low in nutrition. Consumption of foods that contain added sugar or refined carbs can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and many other problems. It also leads to quick and unhealthy weight gain. During the postpartum phase, a new mom should avoid consuming cakes, biscuits, pastries, sugary drinks, etc.

These were some healthy ways of losing postpartum weight. Including some food items while avoiding some can be a very healthy choice for the body. One should avoid eating highly processed food. This is one of the most popular weight-loss tips. So, keeping all this in mind, one should make healthy choices for the body and stay healthy.