7 Mistakes to avoid on your first date

Credits: pexels.com

The story of the first date is either too good and romantic or too annoying to return back. The first date marks a very significant impression on the other person. So, it needs to be perfect. There are a lot of things that can ruin the moment or might make the guy or girl uncomfortable. Ultimately, the story will end with the first chapter only. While you get perfectly dressed and perfumed with fragrances, there are other things that you need to be cautious about. It doesn’t take much time to turn a bad date into a good one.

One needs to be engaged at the moment, rather than feeling over concerned about their own appearance and behavior. Always pay attention to the details about what is coming across, whether they meet your expectations, whether you meet theirs, does your vibe match, and all those factors that may make an impact on the future. Here are 7 mistakes that you need to avoid when you are on your first date. Let’s go through them:

Being on the phone


When you are sitting and having a conversation on your date, do not stick to your phone. Try to ignore notifications and casual calls. In case you get a normal call, accept it and ask the caller to postpone the affair. Do not just move away from the table to accept your call. Being on the phone while on your date makes the person feel ignored and brings the feeling of less interest. It doesn’t bring optimism to the table.

Poor table manners

While you eat or drink during your first date, make sure that you follow basic table etiquette. Pull the chair for her and seat her down before you sit. Do not start eating before your date gets his or her food on the table. Start the food together and set the pace of eating accordingly so that both of you finish around the same moment. Do not gaze at other people around you or your phone. Always ask your date about their order before suggesting your favorites.

Not asking questions

Always keep the conversation going with questions and statements. If your date is asking you about something, answer it and ask it back. Nobody likes to hear a single mouth enouncing endlessly. When you ask questions, it makes them feel that you are eager to know them better and you are trying to connect with them. This makes a good impression. But, too much of anything is harmful. So, make sure that your first date does not look like an interview date.

Showing up late

first date

Be punctual, not only on your first date but, every time you meet your partner. Try your best to reach the location on time, or before time. This shows your priorities and depicts your respect for the person. If you get late, do not justify yourself by making excuses and giving undue reasons. Leave your home a bit earlier than planned so that you can keep some space for traffic and uncertainties. This will prevent you from reaching late on the decided location.

Bragging about income or possession

Do not brag about your income, skills, or possessions. This sounds as if you are boasting about yourself in an urge to impress the other person. You should never talk about what you earn or what you possess. Be calm and simple. If your date asks you about your job or business or other occupation, share the profile and the kind of work you do, not the income you earn.


Talking about past relationships

When you are on your first date, never talk about your past relationships, unless it is asked. This throws a very wrong impression on the person during the first meeting. Never speak about break-ups or your past dates and experiences. Be optimistic and talk about positive things and try to learn more about the person so that you get to know them better.

Rudeness to service staff

A person often judges you by your table etiquette. Always be polite to your date and to the people around you. When you park your car, be polite to the parking in charge. When you are sitting in a café or restaurant, speak softly to the service staff – the waiters. This shows that you respect people and you are well-mannered. Never use signs to call waiters, just say “Excuse me” and wait for them.


Avoid these mistakes to prevent ruining your first date. Always be punctual and well-dressed. Make sure that you do not bore or irritate the other person by making your first date the last one. Keeping a few basic things in mind can make your first date memorable and your relationship strong and long-lasting.