7 Mistakes you should avoid while proposing to your crush

how not to propose to your crush
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Falling in love is not that difficult, the real task is how to propose to the person you fall in love with. We, the people who grew up watching those extravagant romantic movies, have exposure to the proposal ideas that are not feasible in real life. So, what are the right and the best ways to propose to your crush?

Well, there are many ideas out there and you can choose any from them. But what’s more important is how not to propose to your crush? So, here we would be sharing some common mistakes you should avoid when proposing to your crush.

1. Don’t propose too soon

how not to propose to your crush

Don’t rush, Don’t try to take things fast. This is one of the best pieces of advice you can get while planning to propose to somebody. But this is also one of the biggest mistakes anyone commits. You should avoid proposing when you are aware that it is still quite early for both of you to take the leap.

2. Don’t propose too late

As much as a problem proposing early is, proposing late can also really be a problem. You not gathering the courage of expressing your feelings can really seem like a sign of a lack of interest in the person you love. So, just don’t commit this mistake and muster up the courage to express your feelings at the right time.

3. Don’t spoil the surprise

how not to propose to your crush

This is something quite subjective, but usually most of the people out there are fond of surprises. So, why not try and make this act of you proposing to your partner a surprise and wait for their reaction.

4. Avoid doing it in a public place

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We all might be filled with the urge of proposing in a public place after seeing tons of Bollywood or Hollywood movies. But, trust me this practice could sometimes turn out to be quite awkward and weird. You don’t know how the public is going to react to this, you even don’t know if your partner may or may not be comfortable at a public place? So, why not try and avoid proposing in a public place.

5. Try to avoid inappropriate physical contact

No matter how comfortable the person is with you, going for a kiss or some other kind of physical contact may come out as a wrong impression. You should look forward to expressing your deep emotions and feelings at this moment and let your physical needs take a back seat.

6. Don’t do it with a bad breath

Being fresh and hygienic can really add to your points. And bad breath can really be one of the biggest turn off for anyone. So, don’t commit this mistake of not popping some mint into your mouth before proposing.

7. Don’t be stingy

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These kinds of days don’t come daily, and being stingy in getting them something while proposing is something you should avoid. Why not take them to a fancy place or get them something beautiful to step out of the regular activities while asking them out for something big.