7 Morning habits that can lead to weight gain

7 morning habits that can lead to weight gain
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Paying attention to one’s health and wellness is a lifestyle that everyone should keep in mind. A human body is a complex set of muscles and bones that works as machinery, living and breathing.

Watching what we eat can help keep our body in an optimum condition. Weight gain may not sound scary, but in the long run, it can make one more prone to diseases like dyslipidemia, diabetes, and hypertension.

Things that we do as we start our day have a major impact on our health. So, here are 7 morning habits that can lead to weight gain, which one can pay attention to and avoid doing in the future.

Not Drinking Water

drink water

Water is good for our bodies, especially when drinking warm water in the morning, as it aids in weight loss. Our dehydrated bodies, after waking up, need hydration, which also helps in burning calories. Maintaining the habit of not drinking water in the morning can lead a person to suffer from headaches, low energy, and dizziness.


over sleeping

A human needs a rest of about 6-8 hours to function. Sleeping also aids in burning calories while the body is at rest. However, sleeping too little or too much can cause adverse effects on a person’s weight. Oversleeping will delay one’s schedule of taking a timely breakfast, which can disbalance the dietary routine, confuse the body, and lead to weight gain.

Skipping Breakfast

skipping breakfast

It is wrongly assumed that losing weight can be quickly done if you just skip a meal. But one should never skip breakfast, as it’s the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast with protein and fatty acids will improve a person’s overall health and give them more energy to study or work. So, don’t skip breakfast, instead, have a healthy breakfast to fill one up enough to start their day energetically.

Avoiding Sun Exposure

sun exposure

Tan or not, one should always soak in a little sun. As one starts their day, grab your cup of coffee and just stay for no more than 10-15 minutes on the balcony to have some sun exposure in the morning, when the rays are weaker. Dressing in the dark and deliberately staying away from the sun can affect one’s body mass index.

Taking Caffeine With Sugar

morning caffeine

A staple of working people is having their morning caffeine daily and religiously without fail. A good cup of freshly brewed black coffee does aid in weight loss, but adding sugar to the mix may only lead to adverse results. Artificial sugar is bad for the human body, and its intake at the beginning of one’s day can lead to heart problems.

Avoiding Exercising


It’s a known fact that morning exercises are best for a person to include in their routine. Being lazy and avoiding exercise, even if one doesn’t consume junk food, will cause an increase in waistline. Light exercises of 15-20 can improve health while keeping a check on weight gain and other diseases that one can get from weight gain.

Having Processed Food As Breakfast

healthy breakfast

Often at the breakfast table, food items like bread, cheese, bacon, or cereals are a common sight to see, but these items come under the category of processed foods. Processed food is fattening, and consuming it every day is one of the morning habits that can lead to weight gain. Find alternatives like fruits or salads and nuts to get more natural fiber, helping in digestion and keeping weight in check.