7 Must-watch anime series on Netflix

vampire in the garden
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Weebs and Netflix both are extremely committed to anime these days. It is slowly getting harder to stay tuned with all of the upcoming anime popping onto Netflix. Whatever genre you’d like to relish; action, romance, psychedelic fantasy, or cyberpunk sci-fi, Netflix has it all and has something for everybody.

It’s definitely overwhelming to browse through all of the anime shows on Netflix to pick what’s best for you. This is why we have navigated through the assortment of shows on the streaming service to pick a handful of the best anime series that you shouldn’t miss. So, grab your laptop and cuddle in with a bundle of blankets for you’re about to dive into binge-worthy material.

Yakitori: Soldiers Of Misfortune

Yakitori: warriors of Misfortune is based on Carlo Zen’s sci-fi novel The Saga of Tanya the Evil and depicts a group of five warriors caught up in an interplanetary conflict. This military sci-fi offers highly detailed character design, an action-driven story, and a thematically rich story of youths recruited by the into the inner circle of the Pan-Star System Trade Federation Security Council to aid in the fight against the Barkans, a race of intelligent mice who have grown tired of the Trade Federation’s presence and are resistant to their command. It is a do-or-die narrative of disposable warriors, filled with battlefield drama and the delicate intricacies of war politics. It is a six-episode Orwellian space opera that is a must-see if this is your type of sci-fi.

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Vampire In The Garden

In Vampire in the Garden, the fate of the world is at stake when a vampire queen and a human join forces in search of Paradise. Paradise is not simply a euphemism for a solution to halt the strife between the factions; it is also an action location where the two species coexist peacefully. The double entendre stays true for the whole five-episode fantasy animation series. Despite the fact that the narrative of young Momo and her fortuitous encounter with vampire queen Fine feels hurried at times (one of the drawbacks of an incredibly short series), this story of a partnership determined to find a way for humans and vampires to coexist together is a gripping little romance from Wit Studios.

Vampire in the Garden | Official Trailer | Netflix

High-Rise Invasion

Yuri Honjo is the protagonist of High-Rise Invasion. A high school student finds herself in the strange realm of linked structures known as “abnormal space.” She chooses to fight back against her assailants after being dragged into a bad position. This is a blood-soaked, dark novel filled with nasty characters bent on mayhem. It is a slaughterhouse of craziness with thrills and screams.

High-Rise Invasion | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tekken: Bloodline

Tekken: Bloodline is a surprisingly easy translation of the Tekken 3 plot that follows fifteen-year-old Jin Kazama (Kaiji Tang) on his journey to revenge his mother. You do not have to be a video game fan to appreciate this six-episode storyline. It has character design and story structure that are evocative of the source game’s gameplay, but the main draw is in the slow unveiling of Jin’s family history and his effort to honor his mother while also fighting for control of his fate. There is enough mystery, intrigue, and warfare to keep things intriguing.

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Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Sat, a four-year-old child living alone, moves in next door to Shin Karino, a manga artist. Based on Mami Tsumura’s manga series, Kotaro Lives Alone is the inverted odd couple you did not realize you were lacking in your life. It is humorous and self-aware and employs an animation technique that adds to the brightness of this charmingly captivating ten-episode slice-of-life comedy.

Kotaro Lives Alone | Official Trailer | Netflix

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia is an underappreciated gem in the collection of streamers. This Yoh Yoshinari-directed animation series is a pastel-drenched joy. Atsuko Kagari aspires to be a world-renowned witch like her idol. There is only one problem: she comes from a non-magical family. However, the passionate adolescent maneuvers her way into Luna Nova Magical Academy, her favorite alma mater, to train. What follows is a mix of levity and hilarity as she struggles to navigate school. The animation is superb, and the characters are a delight to see. It is a lighthearted film with just enough complexity to keep you interested.

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Ajin: Demi-Human

This series, directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro, follows Kei Nagai, a pre-med student who resurrects after a vehicle accident. He is Ajin, an immortal demi-human on the run from government experimentation and looking for other creatures that are similar to himself. Despite its pretty normal entrance point for a seinen anime focused on human behavior, Ajin masterfully capitalizes on the manga’s brutality and cat-and-mouse themes and couples it with scary, atmospheric 3D animation. So, if fleeing capture, not knowing who to trust, and finding hidden groups with their own goals is your thing, this is the fast-paced, graphically rich thrill trip for you.

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