7 Myths about weight loss

Credits: Pexels

Breaking down the myths about weight loss for you! Read ahead to know if you practiced one of these.

Weight loss is an appreciative effort and requires minor to significant changes in diet and lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy weight and managing your diet has to be driven by a specialist for the best results. However, we often make decisions for dietary changes and implement those into our routine and lifestyle.

All of us want to maintain a healthy weight, not just to look better in appearance but also to avoid any diseases and other medical conditions. However, we might tend to have preconceived notions regarding weight loss techniques that are not even true. It is due to the lack of knowledge and not enough research that people exercise these notions.

We have curated seven myths about weight loss with scientific validation.

Myth 1: Just stop eating if you want to lose weight

Fact: You do not have to stop eating and go hungry if you want to lose weight. Being on a calorie-deficit diet which would include you to eat fewer calories than required, along with regular exercising, can help you shed the extra kilos along the way. Consulting a dietician for your meal can help you manage this easily.

Myth 2: Consuming carbs will make you fat


Fact: Not all carbs are unhealthy or promote weight gain. For instance, Quinoa contains 70% carbs, but it is a gluten-free source of protein and fiber that improves heart and gut health while regulating blood sugar and weight. Raw oats contain 70% carbs, yet they are a rich component of protein and help to manage weight.

Myth 3: Consuming fats will make you gain weight


Fact: There are good fats and bad fats. You have to choose wisely to give up on the ones that do not help you with improving your health. Excess consumption of trans and saturated fats that are additive to your baked treats can promote weight gain. On the other hand, seeds such as olive, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds are categorized into good fat and help in maintaining a healthy weight along with aiding in weight loss.

Myth 4: Weight loss supplements help shed those extra kilos


Fact: Weight loss supplements do help with weight loss, except sometimes they promote weight loss in an unhealthy way. They can have serious side effects and can lead to loss of appetite along with problems such as bloating and indigestion. The supplements also tend to limit their side effects only if you are maintaining a healthy diet along with regular exercise.

Myth 5: Skipping breakfast will make you lose weight


Fact: Neither skipping nor eating your breakfast will help you lose weight. If anything, skipping your breakfast will lead to bloating and other gastric issues.

Myth 6: Snacking is unhealthy and can cause weight gain


Fact: You should munch on something at intervals. Choose a healthy snack rather than indulging in unhealthy options such as fried or sugary treats. Those tend to fill up your stomach and hunger quicker but also promote weight gain leading to acne and pigmentation as well. A healthy snacking at intervals will keep you filled and control your portions accordingly, avoiding over-eating at once.

Myth 7: Replacing white sugar with brown sugar will help reduce weight


Fact: The human body processes all types of sugars in the same way. So, brown sugar doesn’t give you the liberty of excessive intake. You still have to keep a check on the sugar according to your calorie consumption.