7 New anime shows coming on Netflix this November

7 anime shows coming this November
Credits – Netflix

As autumn is causing the leaves to fall off and the wind to become colder as the day comes to an end, every anime seeker deserves more and more anime treats and a promising line-up for the last few months of the year. Also, the coming months are said to be holiday months filled with festivities, so no one would like to slip these holidays so easily and vaguely.

To utilize them in one of the best ways, you must hop on the epic adventures and heartwarming tales narrated through this beloved art form of cinema – anime. No matter if you are a seasoned otaku or a newcomer who wants to witness the magic of anime and dive deeper and deeper into the content world of anime, aka animation, there are amazing shows lined up to be released in the upcoming month. We present to you the list of 7 anime shows coming this November. 


Where to stream: Netflix 

Onimusha | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

Based on the video game series by Capcom, Onimusha will be released on November 2. As per Netflix, the description for the audience goes like, “With a demonic, soul-consuming weapon in hand, can a legendary swordsman and a samurai brotherhood defeat a bloodthirsty zombie uprising?

Coming on November 2.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 4

Where to stream: Crunchyroll Premium, Hulu

Attack on Titan
Credits – Netflix

Watch this anime on November 5 and take it as a must if you, too, love dark fantasy elements mixed with the magic of the animation world. This anime takes you to a world where humans are an endangered species, and Eren Jaeger vows to kill every single titan who is actually a giant, man-eating humanoid responsible for the endangerment.

Blue Eye Samurai

Where to stream: Netflix

Blue Eye Samurai | Official Trailer | Netflix

To be released on November 3, it includes characters which are voiced by Darren Barnet, Maya Erskine, and Masi Oka. The show revolves around the story of a master of swords who lives in disguise and wants to take revenge. We already can sense a lot of good action, which will be witnessed by anime fans all around the globe.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Where to stream: Netflix

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off | Official Trailer | Netflix

An action-fiction adult comedy show to be released on November 17 is based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s hit graphic novels. The show will be based on the story which follows how a musician, after meeting the girl of his dreams, is now stuck in contending with a lineup of her ex-boyfriends. The characters are voiced by Chris Evans, Mary Elizabeth, and Michael Cera. There are some shows you have a good feeling about. This one is that. The novels were a hit, and so will be the show.


Where to stream: Netflix

Credits – Netflix

A Netflix original anime series based on Baku Yumemakura’s novel of the same name. This show will revolve around the story of Onmyouji Abe no Seimei.

Coming on November 28.

Akuma kun

Where to stream: Netflix

Akuma Kun | Official Trailer | Netflix

A horror genre show coming on November 9 on Netflix revolves around the story of Akuma Kun, who is a boy raised by a demon who works with his very different partner, who is actually a half-human and named Mephisto, and they both solve paranormal murders and mysteries side by side.

My Daemon

Where to stream: Netflix

My Daemon
Credits – Netflix

It’s a sci-fi fantasy action anime show coming on November 24 on Netflix. This show is going to be a story about some future explosion and two characters named Kento and Anna. The former is an elementary student, and the latter is a daemon. Kento finds Anna in a forest and raises her, and later, they together go on a trip to save Kento’s mother.