7 Reasons why you should never keep secrets in your relationship

7 Reasons you should never keep secrets in your relationship
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One of the major concerns of any relationship is that sometimes you don’t really get the difference between secrecy and privacy. Sometimes you choose to keep the discussion of some unpleasant topics to yourself and not tell your partner about it. We are not accusing you of cheating or something and it may be true that you are keeping the secret because you have your partner’s good at heart.

But the problem that arises here is no matter what the secret is, no matter what the reason behind the secret is they are never welcome in any relationship. The problems caused by these secrets are quite big and here is an insight into the same.

1. It creates a distrustful environment

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Trust is one of the main pillars of any relationship and keeping secrets is one of the simplest ways in which it can be destroyed. Secrets build a very toxic and distrustful environment in your relationship which becomes really hard to overcome. You might not understand and realize the intensity of the secret you are keeping from your partner or how is he/she going to react to it if they find it out so it is just better to keep no secrets at all.

2. It builds a barrier to communication 

Once you start keeping secrets from your partner in your relationship you would soon realize that you are not talking naturally with them, you would realize that the conversation between you two is not as flowing as it used to be. You might be so overwhelmed with the horror of spilling your secret that whenever you are having a conversation with your partner it would never be 100% real. Studies have also shown that the secret keeper in a relationship is meant to feel lonely, sad, and less satisfied in life.

3. It begets bigger deceits

If you lie once you have to lie a lot more just to save that lie from coming out in the open and this is surely not a very good thing for your relationship. It won’t be wrong to say that deceit begets deceit and once it is involved in your relationship secrecy may become a habit and the foundation of the relationship is eroded.

4. You can damage your relationship permanently

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Secrets are and should never be tolerated by anyone, especially if they are the secrets kept by your loved ones. If there are secrets involved in your relationship then if not today then surely tomorrow they are destined to be doomed. The damage it would cause can be permanent and incurable at times. 

5. You feel exhausted 

The struggle of protecting your secret from coming out in the open in one way or the other can be quite exhausting for you. It can even make you paranoid. 

6. You are going to hurt your partner

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Do you know what and who are you putting at stake when you are choosing to keep secrets? Well, it’s the emotions of your partner, the feelings of your love. So, the next time you choose to keep some secret or choose to lie just pause and think about what would your partner go through when they find out the truth.

7. You become physically sick

The exhaustion, guilt, trauma, and stress of keeping some secret from your loved one can make you feel physically sick. You may complain of constant headaches, insomnia, or even digestive problems in this state. The intensity of all this could become so high that you may feel like you want to move towards emotion-numbing substances or something which is quite harmful.