7 Red flags you should never ignore in online dating

Red flags you should not avoid in online dating 2
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Are you new to the whole online dating thing and don’t have any idea how it works? Well, we are here to help you out with it. Our foremost advice to you would be that no matter how hard it is for you to not ignore the red flags in someone, you should not do it.

Pay attention to the red flags in your date in the very beginning to avoid problems later on in your dating life and to save yourself from heartbreak.

Here are the signs you need to look out for:

1. They ask you for money

Red flags you should not avoid in online dating

Do you find your date asking for money from you casually? Well, if yes, this is surely a red flag. No one you just met and that too through a dating app is going to ask for money from you if they have the right intentions. Your date asking for money is a clear sign that they are getting in touch with you for the wrong reasons and have nothing good to offer.

2. They say “I love you” very easily

Nobody can fall in love within days so if you find a date who is able to say that he or she loves you just within days of getting in touch, you should beware that they might be someone who is too impulsive and quick with relationships. They might be someone who falls in love with every second person they meet and only focus on their own feelings without even bothering to get to know you first. This is surely a red flag.

3. They openly warn you about themselves

Red flags you should not avoid in online dating 1

You just got to know somebody and they start warning you about themselves, well it’s a sign that they are actually a trouble. You don’t know them for a long and it’s not your duty to see only the good in them and ignore everything else. So, if your online date tells you they are walking trouble, be wise to believe them and move ahead.

4. Their profile does not have any text

If you see an online dating profile with no text whatsoever, you should realize that the person isn’t actually interested in the whole dating thing and is just taking it very lightly. If they would have actually been serious about it, they would have at least put some effort into their profile. So, if you are looking for something serious this is a red flag for you.

5. They have uploaded a lot of gym selfies

Do you see a lot of gym selfies on the profile of your online date? Well, it’s a sign that they are just too impressed by themselves and might be a narcissist. So, if you want to keep yourself out of all the narcissist trouble take this as a red flag and run away.

6. They talk a lot about their ex

If you see that your date is trying to bring up their ex in almost everything it is a sign that they are still obsessed with them and are not over them which is a red flag in itself. You won’t want to date somebody who is still stuck on their ex or would you?

7. They are big on sweet-talking

Some people have the habit of flattering other people to get what they want. So, if you see that your date is big on flattering you and all they do is hype you up they might not be a true person, there are a lot of chances that they are faking it all in order to woo you.