7 Reasons that can cause wrinkles before age

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Who doesn’t want clear skin that glows like a star!!! But our own habits can cause the worst damage to our skin. Generally, age is not the only factor that causes you to age, Our various lifestyle habits cause early aging too. Plus Genetics play a big game there is no doubt but there are many causes of premature aging too.

Here are 7 reasons causing you wrinkles before age.


7 reasons causing you wrinkles before age

Stress is a ground for many physical & Mental Health issues. It can lead to a weak immune system, Anxiety, restlessness & More. Stress decreases collagen production in our bodies. The elasticity of our skin can also be reduced by the amount of protein. Stress Manipulates the chemical rush in our body & this imbalance can cause wrinkles because of less elasticity. Well, stress is an everyday thing now, we can’t get rid of it, so it’s good to accept & find a good solution to at least minimize it. Be kind to yourself & avoid overthinking. Hydrate yourself & smile often.

Sun exposure

Sun exposure is the biggest cause of wrinkles & skin damage. UV rays impact the elastin fiber & reduce the collagen that directly leads to wrinkles. Sun exposure can’t just cause wrinkles, it can cause serious sunburn & pigmentation. For prevention, one can avoid direct contact with sunlight. It’s better to use good sunscreen for your specific skin type. Try covering your sun-exposed part during traveling & again Do not miss to reapply sunscreen during swimming or Outings.

Lack of proper sleep

7 reasons causing you wrinkles before age

Not getting enough sleep is one of the prime reasons for pale skin & dull body. When we are sleep deprived, our body & brain doesn’t work in a balanced way. Laziness, overthinking, lack of motivation, anxiety & less concentration are just a few cons of not having proper sleep. Not giving proper rest to the eyes can make you look dull & pale. So a good 7-8 hour sleep can help you wake up with fresh, energetic & glowy skin.

Diet and exercise

7 reasons causing you wrinkles before age

Mark it or not, Diet is the real showstopper I believe. A good diet with a bit of Morning stretch can fix the majority of your issues. Excess sugar or salt can break your skin. Be aware of what you’re eating, that extra oily-spicy meal can cause acne & skin breakouts. Take Care of allergies & plan a better diet plan for you. Your diet should be like multi-colored flowers. This includes fruit, green vegetables, rice, chapati & dairy products according to what suits your body best. Remember a good diet can bring you the best of You.

Excessive use of cosmetic products

7 reasons causing you wrinkles before age

Excessive use of Cosmetic products can cause severe problems including wrinkles. We as consumers sometimes have no idea what kind of chemicals brands are putting in their products. Even various brands are not even honest about their ingredients. These chemicals can create severe burnout & premature wrinkles. One should prefer good skincare for better protection because overuse of makeup can lead to an imbalance in releasing skin oils & various allergies. Excessive make-up closes open pores & becomes a barrier in skin breath that directly causes pimples and pigmentation. All these can make your skin look dull & cause premature aging.

Unhealthy habits like smoking

Smoking and certain types of Alcohol impact our skin in many ways. Smoking generally can negatively impact the whole body, also make your face skin look dull & saggy. Smoking can cause a high level of melanin Production & reduce the collagen that can make your skin look loose. Tobacco, excessive alcohol, and smoking can adversely affect your skin in the most negative way. So better choose a better lifestyle or at least track this consumption.

Excessive screen time 

Yes, bingeing on Netflix & chill can give you wrinkles. Excessive Screen-time time affects various physical & mental problems. Sitting hours and using a screen can cause neck aches, headaches, and backaches in the body. Using a lot of screens can lead to more stress & Anxiety. When you stare at the screen constantly without blinking often, it makes your eyes tired and looks dull. Your tiredness & puffy eyes make you look sick. Plus blue rays coming straight out of our screens are breaking our skin & leading to premature aging.

To conclude, a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle can adversely affect your body & mind. One should be mindful of what they are consuming or applying to their skin. Wrinkles are part of the body, it’s a symbol that you’re growing but premature aging is a sign of a complex lifestyle. One can improve it by making a few changes in their daily routine. It’s important to take care of your body but don’t be insecure about it. You are beautiful inside and out.