7 Secrets to maintaining good health

Credit: Pexels

Why do some people live longer while some die at an early age? Why do some people look in their 40s while they are in their 20s and vice versa? Why does our body act like a senior citizen in the 30s? It’s all about the lifestyle, the food consumption habits, physical exercise, mental health, and a lot more similar factors that combine to affect your body. There are days when you feel dizzy even after getting an 8-hour sleep while there might be days when you feel hyperactive after getting a short 3-hour sleep only.

So, let’s jump up to the secrets of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, promising better care for our body and mind. Here are 7 secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

  • Good sleep:


The human body has varied sleeping requirements as per age and activity. A normal adult needs 7-9 hours of sound sleep every day. Depending upon the nature of work they do, some people may need as low as 6 hours of sleep, while some may also need 10 hours of sleep. But, peaceful sleep of 7 hours is the basic demand of the body. Getting enough sleep daily helps a person in staying at a healthy weight because while we sleep, the body functions to digest food and burn excess fats. It also lowers the risk of serious ailments like heart diseases. Getting enough sleep helps in enhancing concentration and keeps the body active throughout the day.

  • Proper diet:

A diet that contains all the essential nutrients and fiber in an adequate quantity is known as a balanced diet or a proper diet. According to the World Health Organization, a healthy diet of an adult includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains. For infants and young children, it is advised that a person should not add salt and sugar to the complementary foods while feeding the child. A proper diet is the secret to a longer and healthier life. While a person cannot alter the external factors like pollution that affect the body, one can always control what is consumed in the form of food and other consumable items like drinks. A healthy diet can protect the body against malnutrition and diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

  • Consumption of water:

Consumption of an adequate amount of water at regular intervals is very essential for the proper functioning of the body. Water plays a great role in the health and fitness of the body. Consumption of water is not only about the quantity, but also the quality of water. Safe and sufficient water is essential for the human body. Water regulates a number of functions in the human body like digestion, blood flow, nourishment, etc. Therefore, water plays a vital role in our daily lives.

  • Basic workout:


Regular exercising helps in keeping the body fit, flexible, and healthy. Normal breathing exercises can help in clearing lungs and establishing a smooth respiratory system in the body. People who spend 15-30 minutes daily doing some basic workout always stay fit and healthy. The movements involved in exercises help in strengthening the bones and muscles in the body. It encourages better blood circulation in the body and generates energy.

  • Stress management:

One should always take up some stress or anger management activities once a week or periodically as per need. All those who are able to manage their stress and control their anger have high chances of living longer and healthier than others. Stress harms the body internally and does invisible damage to the physical and psychological state of the body. It improves your overall emotional well-being. The person stays happier and more active than others.

  • Mental wellness:

This may sound similar to stress management, but it is not. Although stress management can be considered a part of mental wellness, mental wellness is a bigger sphere. Mental wellness is about thinking, feeling, and acting positively. This impacts your physical and social well-being. Mental wellness is the root of healthy living.


  • Quit bad habits and addictions:

If you have inculcated bad habits or addictions like alcohol consumption, smoking, etc., challenge yourself to get rid of them. Even binge-watching is a bad habit. Try out ways to get rid of these habits. These habits lead to organ damage and lesser life expectancy. Cure your unhealthy routines, commit to a goal and reward yourself with small perks. Start taking baby steps towards the ultimate goal. List out reasons why you want to change the habit and gather the courage to do it with consistency.

Maintaining good health leads to a longer life. People who live longer and healthier follow such steps and add these habits to their daily lifestyle. All these tips depict immediate results that will also bring up the motivation to do more and keep going. Decide for yourself and start doing it today!