7 Shows to watch if you liked Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan Season 5: Will there be another season or not?

“Sometimes you have to break a few rules to get the job done.”

If you are an ardent Jack Ryan stan, you know what this implies. This political action thriller had us gripping the edge of our chairs for the last 4 seasons (4th season is currently on streaming platforms).

“I’m an analyst. I don’t interrogate people. I write reports!”  Even though Jack Ryan is trying hard not to defer from his usual job description as an analyst, he doesn’t remain one for much longer since his grunt work is required on the field. And he has considerable experience with that. After the three seasons of Jack Ryan, we can confirm that, indeed the journey has been thrill-seeking and brain-numbing and has us questioning the new world order we currently reside in.

Whether it be uncovering a worldwide corruption network channeled by an extremist terrorist, so sophisticated that it almost destabilized the U.S government through biological warfare (I’m sure we can relate to that given the recent pandemic); or going undercover to unfold the secrets of a rare precious mineral (blue gold) to prevent it from falling into greedy hands (such as that of the Venezuela President), Jack Ryan has done it all. He has operated from the underbelly of corrupt organizations to the deep sea waters trying to reprive stolen shipments.

However, Season 4 marks the end of our journey with Jack Ryan (who is played by none other than John Krasinski- our man from the corporate comedy series The Office ).

You can catch up on the adventure on Amazon Prime Video if you have a subscription. Otherwise, if you are still hungover from the thrilling journey we had so far with Jack Ryan and are looking for another similar series to satiate your adrenaline rush, we have got you.

Webnewsobserver has put together 7 Shows to watch if you liked Jack Ryan:

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - The Final Season | Official Trailer | Prime Video


Credits: Showtime

This is the closest thing you will watch to Jack Ryan, except for a few twists here and there that will have you shielding your eyes with a pillow.

It stars Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes), whose stellar performance drove her to the center stage to receive not one but two Golden Globes. She is a CIA agent who uncovers the world of terrorism whilst juggling her personal dilemmas with her bipolar disorder, compelling her to make not-so-great decisions. For example, her potential relationship with a prisoner-of-war-turned-terrorist points a finger at her morals while she battles with her conscience day and night.

In an aspect of a political action thriller and the tough role of a CIA agent, Homeland is similar to Jack Ryan in more ways than one and can be a noteworthy similar binge watch to it. Unlike Jack Ryan, it focuses more on the psychological development of the character rather than just action.  It is an 8-season-long series from 2011-2020, and you can view it on Hulu and on Showtime.

Sneak Peek of Season 8 | Homeland | SHOWTIME


Reacher Season 2 Release Date Updates: Is it premiering in 2023 or not?

Closest to what can be called an anti-hero story with a dollop of humor to pair it with, Reacher starring Alan Ritchton, is a book-to-television rendition of Lee Child’s novels.

It follows a riveting journey of an army investigator who is wrongfully arrested in Georgia under the charge of a supposed murderer. When bodies begin to pile up (including his brothers’) with him inside prison, he sets out on a mission. A mission to uncover the truth. It is in this unfolding capacity that it is similar to Jack Ryan, who, too, sets out in a conquest to uncover what lies beneath the skin.

With the 1st season released on Amazon Prime Video, what’s not to like? It has the muscle hunk Alan Ritchson, dark humor, combat fighting, and moral dilemmas!

Reacher - Official Trailer | Prime Video


The Blacklist Season 10: When will the final episode air?
Credit: NBC

‘I’m not perfect, I just love hats.”

A confusing line? Wait till you get through what awaits you on Blacklist. It will leave you shrouded in critical thought and a rush to find out what’s next.

It follows Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, a former government agent turned criminal mastermind ally to the government (after himself being a criminal and surrendering to the FBI). He knows exactly how criminals think and work, and in return for giving his analysis to the government, he demands freedom from prison for his felonies.

The series has the most disturbing and gruesome cases that will have you questioning what really goes on in the twisted, sinister minds of such criminals who are on Raymond’s ‘blacklist.’

Similar in style to Jack Ryan but different in content, the Blacklist balances several storylines in every episode like a masterpiece and is a must-watch. The decade-long series ended in July 2023, so it is a perfect time to catch up on it on Netflix or FuboTV.

The Final Season Sneak Peek | The Blacklist | NBC

The Recruit

The Recruit Season 2: When can we expect its return?
Credits: Netflix

Even if you don’t watch it for the content, we know for sure you will watch it when you know who is starring in it. It is none other than Noah Centineo! That’s right! Our rom-com guy is starring in an action thriller, and God knows he has done it justice.

Similar to Jack Ryan, The Recruit is a show about a CIA lawyer whose main work is theoretical, but in the end, he is catapulted into doing all the grunt work on the field. Unlike Jack Ryan, it features more comedic tones rather than somber ones.

With the first season already out, the second season is currently under work. This might be the perfect opportunity for you to watch the first season, with is streaming on Netflix.

Designated Survivor

designated survivor
Credits: ABC

We are throwing another political mystery your way, and you will not be disappointed after you watch Designated Survivor.

The story follows Tom Kirkman (played by Kiefer Sutherland), a lowly cabinet member of his country who is met with a sudden fate that changes his life forever, for better or for worse. He is steamrolled into being the President when all his senior ranked officers drop dead mysteriously. Now he must uncover the secret behind their demise and run a powerful nation that desperately depends on his expertise. Not to mention putting his own life on the line!

You can stream the three seasons of the show on Netflix!

Designated Survivor: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix [HD]


Credits: Netflix

This 2018 action political drama is brimming with scandal, moral dilemmas, sordid relationships, and a quest to uncover secrets that lay deep hidden under the chest.

It stars Richard Madden, who is a war veterinarian and is currently struggling with PTSD after his tenure in Afghanistan, and has been recruited to protect The Home Secretary (played by Keeley Hawes). Her political views and demeanor have driven people to hate her (even the bodyguard himself), but she does not budge.

Much like Jack Ryan, Redden has to come to terms with his morals and see through the consequences of his decisions before impulse takes over, not to mention the action-packed sequences that are common between the two.

He follows his duty putting aside his aversions to her ideals until things start getting complicated when business and pleasure are inter-mingled.

There are only 6 episodes to this series, and you can stream it right away on Netflix!

Bodyguard | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The Terminal List

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Another nail-biting story, this is more action than thriller, and it stars none other than… CHRIS PRATT!

It is the story of a Navy SEAL officer who seeks out revenge when his entire team is ambushed in a mysterious attack, to which the government never gave answers. Notice the similarity to Jack Ryan already?

He sets out to uncover the truth, and as he unfolds it one by one, he is left questioning everything he knew and everyone he trusted.

You can stream it on Amazon Prime Video.

The Terminal List - Official Trailer | Prime Video

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