7 Signs you are in love with your best friend

Credits: Pexels

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in this world that a person could ever experience. Having someone who knows all your fears and vulnerabilities and still chooses you over everything and everyone else is love. Now, imagine if you get to experience this exotic feeling with your best friend, someone who you fully trust and someone who you can confide in, amazing, right? If you have already started thinking about your best friend at this point, then this is your sign to ask them out already and if not, well, we’ve got some other ways to check as well. Here’re some signs that you are in love with your best friend:

1. When every other love songs remind you of them

Are you listening to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” on repeat and thinking about how your best friend is the perfect person for you and how could your life be if they also think the same? Yes? Well, you’re totally smitten with them in that case. When we like someone, we start to think about a future with that person and they become an increasing part of our dreams and fantasies but proceed with caution on those daydreams. Don’t romanticize a friendship in your mind so strongly that you are not paying attention to how they are responding to such feelings.


2. Compliments from them mean the world to you

Compliments from friends and family are nice, sure but if even a little compliment from your best friend is enough to make your entire day, then you’re totally interested in them. When they compliment you even casually like “hey, you did a great job” or “you look nice today”, your heart feels like exploding with happiness, and even singing the song “Love story” on the top of the mountain seems like a plan to you, this feeling right there is love.

3. You are jealous that they’ll find someone else

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Well, this one is definitely a sign of interest but not the healthiest one. You keep a track of how they respond to any conversations with new people and if they’re trying to pursue them romantically. If they are telling you about their latest crush and you are just sitting there smiling externally but your face is on fire with jealousy and sadness then oh boy, you’re completely in love with them. Communicate your feeling in this case otherwise, this may become borderline obsessive in the future.

4. You can do anything for them

Feeling over-eager to do something for them or blushing and feeling proud that they are choosing you for this thing? It is a human tendency to go to any lengths for people we care about and a sign that you love your best friend are you always find yourself going above and beyond for this person, and you are thrilled that they have asked for your help. It’s great to love with such intensity but make sure they’re returning the feeling otherwise you are just putting yourself in an unhealthy pattern in the long term by being available all the time for them.

5. Their presence feels like a warm blanket on cold nights


When you are in love with someone, you crave their company the most even when you’re surrounded by thousands of people. When you find it difficult to stay apart from your best friend, you may be falling in love with them. Their presence calms you even in the midst of the most difficult situations and you want to be with them as much as possible. If this isn’t a sign of love, I don’t know what else is.

6. You speak about them, a lot

When you are talking to your friends or colleagues, you always bring your best friend into your conversation because you are totally love-struck by your best friend. He/She is the most important and interesting person for you and you can’t stop talking about them because they are in your mind 24 hours a day, every day.

7. The frequent urge to call/text them


Even if you’ve nothing to talk about, every urge of yours is telling you to call/text them. You want to stay connected to them all the time. You want your day to start with a good morning message from them and end with a good night and those cute heart emojis from your best friend. Feeling the same? then maybe you’re falling for them.

There is so much at stake when you’re in love with your best friend. If you’re lucky, you’ll find your happily ever after or you could lose your friendship forever. If you relate to the above points, it’s clear that you love them, now, how to deal with it is the major problem. I suggest you don’t hold back thinking about the stakes because life doesn’t always give you second chances. Don’t think about judgments and stakes, go and tell your best friend that you love them.