7 Signs you are not meant to be together

signs you are not meant to be together
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You may be crazy and madly in love with someone, but it may still not work out for you guys. Your relationship may still have some factors that may lead to you guys not being together in the long run. So, isn’t it just better to know if you guys are even meant to be together or not, to know where does your relationship even stand?

Here are some signs that would help you know if your relationship is not meant to be:

1. You don’t trust each other

Trust is one of the main pillars of any relationship, and if you and your partner are struggling with trusting each other, this is a major point of you people not belonging together and your relationship not working out in the future. This doesn’t mean that if you both lack trust, you should stop trying to make your relationship work because trust is also something that can be built with time.

2. You lack respect for each other

Signs you are not meant to be together

Respect is also one of those things that nobody compromises on with anyone. If you and your partner are not able to respect who you both are, what you both want, etc., your relationship is just meant to be doomed. So, if you want your relationship to work out, learn to respect your partner and not just fake it.

3. You keep things to yourself to avoid fights

Are you letting go of a lot of things? Or are you not letting out what you feel even after a fight to avoid more fights? Well, your relationship won’t last for a long time as you are not being your true self with your partner and are faking a lot of things in your relationship.

4. Your life values don’t match

signs you are not meant to be together

You and your partner being two completely different people, your life values not aligning with each other are some major points that prove that you both are not meant to be together. No matter how much you love your partner, the two of you having some completely different morals and attitudes towards life should be a reality check for you both, that you are not meant to be together. But if you are ready to make a few adjustments here and there to stay together, we won’t have a say there.

5. You don’t inspire each other

Relationships work only when you do, and if you are not able to derive any inspiration from your partner, your relationship will not be able to grow. No relationship can prosper without inspiration, so take out some time and think about what in your partner inspires you?

6. You have very different approaches

signs you are not meant to be together

Having different expectations from life, like one wanting a simple life while the other not settling for anything less than a very lavish lifestyle, can become big barriers in any relationship. This attitude of having a different approach towards the future can make you and your partner ultimately grow apart and prove that you were not meant to be together.

7. You don’t have meaningful conversations

Anybody can carry on those lovey-dovey things and those meaningless conversations but what we see as something solid in a relationship are meaningful conversations. And if you and your partner don’t have those meaningful conversations, it is a sign that you both are just not meant to be together for a long time and are just in an immature relationship.