7 Signs your partner is clingy and needy in a relationship

green flags
Credits: Pexels

Clinginess can be a red flag in a relationship, especially if it is persistent and makes the other person feel suffocated or overwhelmed. Look out for the following signs!

Yes, partners have needs, and it’s important to support them. But there’s a difference between that and someone who makes you feel guilty for not hanging out for the seventh night in a row. Have you noticed that your partner has been exhibiting signs of clinginess? We have listed out 7 signs your partner is clingy and needy in a relationship.

They always expect you to text back immediately

They constantly text you and always expect a response right away. So, if you go an hour or even a few minutes without replying, they don’t handle it too well. Then come the double, triple, and quadruple texts and the multiple phone calls. If this behavior is common even when they know you’re studying for an exam or working, then your partner is probably too clingy.

They follow you around

When you’re secure in a relationship, you have no problem letting your partner go out and do their thing while you do yours. But those who are overly clingy may feel the need to follow their significant other around everywhere, even without an invite. If they meet you outside of your class once a day, that’s cute, but doing it after every period, every day is a little much. And if you tell them you’re hanging out with your friends tonight, and they show up unannounced, it’s concerning and might suggest that they don’t trust you.


They get upset when you go out without them

If you say you have plans without them, they actually get mad and might even start a fight over it. They might demand an invite or make you feel guilty for hanging out with your friends instead of them.

They stalk you on social media

They spend hours on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter and look to see what you’re up to. They monitor everything, including the posts you like, the Stories you pop up in, and who you recently followed. Clinginess can manifest underlying feelings of insecurity or anxiety. The clingy person may feel like they are not good enough for their partner or that their partner will leave them, so they cling to them to seek reassurance and security.


They need constant reassurance

Of course, it’s important to tell your partner how much you love and care for them. But if you communicate this to your partner often and they question your feelings or make you feel like your love isn’t enough, it could be a sign that they are too clingy. They may believe that their partner is the only source of happiness or love in their life.

They make time for you, but only you

They don’t make an effort to see their friends, but when you ask to hang out, they drop everything. They shouldn’t put their life on hold for you or neglect their own friendships. If they make that a pattern, their friends might disappear, and their lives will start to revolve around your relationship.


Your friends and exes are their enemies

They seem to dislike all of your friends because if you’re hanging with them, that means you’re not hanging with your significant other. Any mention of past relationships or former partners appears to spark a pang of intense jealousy as well, even if you haven’t seen or spoken to them in years.